September Community Hangout - Wednesday at 16 GMT/UTC

If you would ask something to our attendees reply to this topic!

Post-summer community hangout with @warren_midgley @etino @Jim @Nas @Ctek @jgjimenezs

What`s the guideline ?

This is my list, hope you like it

  • Going around the table introducing ourselves.(for attendees)
  • AMA (Ask Me Antyhing) with ME
  • How to help Newcomers to feel part of the community? How can we improve such process?
  • How can we celebrate 6.7 release?

New entry today @Giuseppe_Trianti is going to be one of us!

Just 10 minutes to our hangout

Thanks to my fellows @warren_midgley @etino @Jim @Nas @Ctek @jgjimenezs @Giuseppe_Trianti for the amazing hangout! Do you have any feedback, suggestion for the next one?

Who would like to watch the recording can point the browser here

EDIT: Please, stop to hangout by your phone! I beg you :smile:
For the next time PC/Laptop + xDSL + Mic/Headphones ARE MANDATORY :smile: :smile:

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No, no, no…

When the Ipad was connnected via iphone to share the 3g… It was better than with the traditional provider :cold_sweat:
For this reason I cut the camera, for saving bandwith… and the hangout still very bad.

Is the “driver” come back home safely? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sorry i missed it :frowning: