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happy to see you here Marco

As already discussed on twitter it would be nice to have an howto for install Geecom on NethServer! :grimacing:

Good! Do you have any suggestion? Feel free to read and reply to existing topics, this is a good starting point

Hi Everyone, since Alessio asked I guess I have to introduce myself :slight_smile: I currently serve as a CTO of a web development and online marketing company with 30 some employees. My career started in sysadmin, so I still like doing stuff like that. We used Zentyal for a long time, and were actually pretty satisfied with it, but their recent move to drop QoS/Traffic Shaping has made us look for alternatives. So I found out about NethServer. I am currently working on replacing Zentyal in 4 of our offices with Nethserver and see how it goes.


Ehi friend, welcome aboard! Thanks to having accepted my invite, glad to see you here. Guess you’re the first from Slovenian, hope you don’t feel alone since this place is full of new friends :wink:
Do you have already checked how to start here?

Happy to hear this, please help us to improve this document!

and tell us about your experience replying to the proper topic:

http://ommunity.nethserver.org/t/what-is-the-nethserver-business-model/1437 <- this link in howtostart doesn’t work :wink:

Thanks man, I sorted it out!

Hallo folks!
It’s Tuesday again and I’m here with my weekly HI! to our new members.

Just a quick update! Tomorrow at 16 UTC we’ll have our monthly community hangout, would you like to watch it?
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Alrighty, let’s get to welcoming all of our new members.
If you’re new here, help us get to know you! Tell us:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What you’re working on
  3. What’s your biggest challenge right now?
  4. Why NethServer?

Looking at you:
@lebernd @Serg_M @vylan @alk @Andrea_Santini @ocascante

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Hello! My name is Sergey. I am from Russia - Stalingrad. I work in computer maintenance.

Hi, my name Irwan, from Indonesia.
I know nethserver from distrowatch.
Work as net admin

I am Vylan from Ireland.
Am completely new to linux and found NethServer accidentaly while browsing for a samba install guide.
I have no IT education at all so it is hard to decide which is the biggest challenge in the world of linux right now :smile:

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I live in Berlin, working in the social sector - part time interested in computers…
I started last year with a server at home, starting with clearos and added this year openmediavault aside. So the next step is separating the servers a little bit more with esxi:
Nethserver should work as firewall/gateway and I’m stuck with setting up a UCS AD infrastructure behind that…
Nethserver was appealing because google translator asked me on the englisch website if I wanted a translation from italian :smiley: and btw., yes I like burgers :wink:

Ehi folks!
Thanks for your reply, really lucky today I got three answers!

Good to know!! We have a few users from Russia: @alk @vfo123 @Ivan_Aronov @kelevra
I’m sure they’re happy to meet you :wink:

Hi Irwan, nice to meet you! First man from Indonesia , but not the first from Asia :man_with_turban: we have here: India, Srli Lanka, Philippines and so on. Are you working on Linux server? For a company?
God bless Distrowatch :+1:

That’s funny! Really? Browsing for a samba install? Can you point me out the link?

@vylan @box_s @Serg_M erg_M take a look to what every newcomer should know about NethServer and to our How Can I start guide if you don’t alraedy notice them. Hope you would like jump right into the action and maybe become a supermember someday., achieving Getting Started Level Badges is a good starting point.
(After your answer, Introduce yourself badge is already checked!)

Hi Alessio, nice to meet you too. wow, first from my country!?AWESOME!!!.
not really, i’m work with various system servers, and yes, i’m working for a company.
Let see how far i can utilyze NethServer on my network.

Which systems? I’m really curious about your feedback on NethServer!

Do you have any particular need for your network?

we have couple win server for client-server apps, some linux servers for webserver and sftp and some linux distro as net firewall on branch office ( mostly zentyal or clearOS )

right now i’m still working on NethServer as our replacement for our crashed Fortigate firewall.
on NethServer, i think it’s have mostly all needed for a firewall.
maybe add some adjustment for traffic shaping to enable how much bandwidth a host/IP can use on accessing internet like fortinet can do, on NetServer, it’s only by priorty High,Medium or low.
i’m sorry if i campare it head to head with fortinet direcly.


Are you kidding me :flushed: ? At the contrary, wou can write down a comparison NethServer vs Fortigate if you like :smile:
Take a look at the existing ones
NethServer vs ClearOS
NethServer comparisons with other similar products
Zentyal vs NethServer comparison matrix
NethServer vs Endian

Hi everyone. My name is Thomas, I’m 34 years old and I live in Paris.

Nothing related but I loved my professional travels in Milano Italia for extra-professional reasons, hehe. So it’s real fun to see that the perfect project to my needs came to me from Italia too. Makes me remember great memories.

I work at home where my stations are various desktop Linux distributions: mainly Netrunner, a kind of Kubuntu made by the official KDE desktop developers, and openSUSE, the other distros or multiboot configs are just for the fun of testing.

I’m a good technician as I master a few things but of course I still have lot more things to learn, among them Linux. I’m not a Linux specialist, my approach has always been desktop-centered so I know the minimal required commands and tips but I’m more a power-user than an admin.

I’m a self-made tech even if it’s my profession now, and I know also more things about hardware and systems than about network, at least I know practical things but sometimes I can feel my lack of theorical knowledge. So I search, that’s the way I learn. Learning with books would be faster indeed, but I don’t like it so much, I like reading stories books but computing lessons are often boring. But I can browse thousands of Firefox tabs before finding my answers, crazy no? lol

Sorry for bothering with this details but I think it makes understand what I can do (and NOT do) for this community, and how my weird brain works. By the way I’ve also learnt english alone so can’t give any guarantee about the readability of my writing, but if you understand me it means that it’s good enough :yum:

I’m in charge of an OCS Inventory project for my company. In fact I’m not an employee anymore but I’ve promised to achieve this task because I’m the one who started it, and who had so much difficulties to fight the unanimity about a Windows Server solution. So I want to go through this project until the [no you won’t take my baby before it’s born!]

I’m currently using Nethserver and OCS in a virtual machine under VMWare Workstation 12 for Linux, configuring the strict minimum to make the OCS portal usable by the future admins. When finished I will convert it the VM to ESX format and will bring the VM files to the office. Then they will install it to one of their ESX servers and will configure the rest by themselves.

Of course my other mission is to deliver it with a step-by-step tutorial. So in brief I’m managing the Nethserver config and OCS installation but not the OCS config. This tasks should be brief but I’m doing it among other things so I take my time, there’s no hurry. That’s why it takes so long, hehe.

Anyway I’m thinking about using Nethserver again to host some of my existing websites. Maybe a OwnCloud or something of the same kind. I like your interface and above all the state-of-mind around your project. It’s common for new fresh projects, the hardest is to keep this state-of-mind with the years, that’s why I should contribute more myself to the NethServer project instead of speaking.

Oh… and I have also the project to go living at least for some years in Togo or Tunisia, not yet sure but in Africa. Being more comfortable and competent with Linux is my goal before going there, so I’ll be able to purpose and promote free and open-source enterprise solutions in Africa at my little scale. For this I have to learn how to better manage domains, samba, printers, automize things, backup, etc. and NethServer is fantastic for me to put a first foot in CentOS server. I’m a Microsoft Server certified tech but now I’ve found the real way of the Samurai Tux :wink:

By the way, this was just perfect… “Last night a tuto saved my life” :notes: tubududu-ti-tu :notes:

Thanks for your warm welcome Alessio!

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Ehi Thomas, long introduction but really interesting :slight_smile: hope NethServer could work for you.

That’s a great idea, you could make @nrauso very happy, he’s in charge on the OCS+Adagios project

Of course, I want the same! :smile:

That’s interesting, how NethServer is help you on this purpose? What’s missing? What do you need?

We have a lot of documentation:

Glad I met you

It’s Thuersday and I’m late with our weekly welcome!

Every week, we invite our new members to introduce themselves and help us get to know them.
If you’ve been here a while (@sitz @etino @davidep @vhinzsanchez @mabeleira @jgjimenezs), please help me in making our new members feel at home.

@rmwonge @carvanders @maxime @carmine @advcorp @tngpthf12 @filomar64 @flaptop @Sean_Maloney @Andriy_Pas @epalumbo if you’re new here, please reply and introduce yourselves. Tell us:

  1. Who are you
  2. What you’re working on
  3. What brings you to NethServer!
  4. What interesting software do you have found lately? How you spent your free time?
  5. Do you have already tested/installed NethServer?

If you don’t have a clue how to start with NethServer this is a good starting point:
Welcome to NethServer Community

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Hi to all.
It’s a pleasure to get the opportunity to introduce me and what i do.
I am an entrepreneur in Ravenna and an ex Linux user when I studied in Ferrara.
The meeting with Nethesis and its commercial force bring me in the community and to renew my interest in Linux and related solutions.
Someone told me that: The secret of success consists of a work ethic founded on curiosity and experimentation.
I hope to give you the same enthusiasm that I have found here.

P.S. Could it be a good occasion to enhance my english?

So shall!!! Welcome @carmine In this great community. :coffee:

I’m from Venezuela, and we will be here to help you in whatever way we can.

Tell us more about you.

  1. Who are you
  2. What you’re working on
  3. What brings you to NethServer!
  4. What interesting software do you have found lately? How you spent your free time?
  5. Do you have already tested/installed NethServer?