Send "share" eMail on Nextcloud stucks

Hi Community,

I encounter quite often a problem with Nextcloud eMail on Nethserver: If I want to share a link, I need to setup up the eMail host correctly. I did that using Nethserver as a smarthost, test mail works fine. But from time to time, something goes wrong, I can not send the share eMails anymore. Than I need to go to the admin login, change some settings for the smarthost until everything works again and than it works for a few weeks. After some days / weeks … the problem reoccors.

Sorry, I did not note the exact settings for smarthost when the error orrurs, but here is the current, working setup

I know, in some weeks I will e.g. switch to “no aut” or “STARTTLS”, with / without authentication

NethServer Version: 7
Module: Nextcloud

Do you use the ns to send email, if yes we do not support 465 ssmtp

IIIrc we use a smtp without protection because restricted to local host at localhost:10025

yes, the config above points to my ns hostname:


The config as shown does currently work.

465 ssmtp is not used on ns, do I am true @davidep

Counter-Check via Thunderbird: 465 works … maybe it is because I am running SoGo?

:grin: There’s a list of ports in the manual page

…465 is among them!

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Do you have Let’s Encrypt certificates?

yes, shure

ok it is a smarthost to 465 that is not possible, I learn something I think :smiley:


Just to focus, the problem is not, that the config is not working. The problem is that a working configurations sometimes stops working and than I need to change the config until I find another config which does work. Currently it is Plain / Auth / SSMTP / SSL on Port 465.

I configured NS that it does relay email from green network without authentifcations. This does work for a lot of other internal clients (e.g. Proxmox, ecoDMS or even some selfmade PHP scripts). So I used to send Nextcloud emails with noauth / port 25 / no SSL, TLS, StartTLS - which worked fine - but it stopped working - just for Nextcloud. In fact, I change the Nextcloud email setting every 2 or three month…

I think it has something to do with updates, either of nethserver or nextcloud apps. I am just awaiting the next user complain about “I can not share links” …

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Oh, and by the way, I have the email app installed on nextcloud. It does stop working to, if an update is expeced. By change, is there any option to keep it running?

do not expect what you could personally find in /var/log/maillog when it sucks :smiley:

We need evidences

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In god we trust …


… all other will have to bring evidence :slight_smile:


When you have the failure, check in the log the evidences you could find, everything is written inside

yes, of course, the question was directed to … did somebody besides me such a behaviour or I am just a wrong way driver?

I should not have asked after I found a solution / did the reconfiguration on my own :slight_smile:

The point is simple: It works … and suddenly the config does not work anymore, I am quite used on how to reconfigure (trial and error) - but actually, I did not take any notes on what I changed …

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