Send out some love!

Happy Friday NethServer Family!
Let’s finish this week on a positive note and send out some love.
Who’s someone that helped you this week or deserves some props for doing awesome work? Could be someone on your team, someone in this community, someone you know. Who deserves a shout out?

I start with @dnutan @vhinzsanchez @dz00te and @GG_jr I had a good time with them this week, hanging out and talking about community + personal stuff!


It’s Friday again and I think it’s always the right time to send some love :slight_smile:
This time, I’d like to say “thank you” to @robb for his great ideas and support! And I I want you all to know that every piece of content like blog posts, newsletters and announcements are proofread by this guy. Why? His English is better than mine :slight_smile: