SCLo repositories version lock

The CentOS mirror infrastructure now allows to implement the version number lock for SCLo repositories. code now supports SIGs/AltArch repositories

We could enhance the locked repository list :thinking:


Tracked here

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The CentOS SoftwareCollections SIG repo signature is invalid:

[root@vm5 ~]# curl -s -O
[root@vm5 ~]# curl -s -O
[root@vm5 ~]# gpg repomd.xml.asc
gpg: Signature made Sat 19 May 2018 02:44:12 AM CEST using RSA key ID F2EE9D55
gpg: BAD signature from "CentOS SoftwareCollections SIG ( <>"

SCLo repo_gpgcheck=1 is not expected to work, according to

May yum-plugin-priorities could help to… achieve a less worring situation for CentOS update release vs NethServer installation integrity?