Samba 4 on NethServer

I would also love to see Samba 4 in NethServer.

The NethServer team have done amazing work drawing attention to the project.

A strong feature like Samba 4 is headline grabbing and something most people looking for a Micro$oft drop in replacement or supplementary server are looking for.

Like it or not but we like in a world in which M$ own the vast majority of the desktop/server marketplace. Anything that can help bridge that gap is a massive win, and I believe in time will tip the scales away from M$.

On a feature by feature comparison against other distros trying to offer similar features to NethServer, they either have support, or are planning support for Samba 4.


Here on community we had some threads about Samba 4 in the past weeks. Have you found them?

Hello everyone would be interesting to the possible integration of Samba 4 in nethserver

Short answer is: no. :smile:

NethServer will not be a full AD replacement unless Red Hat will follow this path in the future.

If you refer to integration with Active Directory, we already have it:
But we have plans to expand it:
Samba 3 EOL , move to 4?

See also: Why not Samba4/AD on NethServer?

Feel free to ask!

Thank you for the information.
Will it be possible for NethServer to deploy group policy to M$ machines?

Sorry for all the questions but I am not up to speed with SAMBA or ways of using Linux to administer Windows machines.

Thanks again,

the short answer is no…
if your clients are WXP, search the web for poledit… you need clients joined to the domain and a login script (done many times in the past)

from windows vista onwards M$ changed things (doh!) and poledit won’t work anymore…

Thanks for the speedy reply Zamboni.

Giacomo - you mentioned you have plans to expand AD functionality in NethServer, could this possibly include deploying group policy?

As far as I know, this features will be available only for Linux clients or it will be very limited for Windows machines.


Can you explain some use cases? What features of AD do you need on NethServer? How many clients per server?

Hi Alessio,

The question I asked myself was “if I was to use NethServer to run all my core services for a network of say 25 - 200 users (most of which would be Windows based) what feature would I want that currenlty isn’t in NethServer?”

The only one that jump out at me was a way of deploying Windows based group policies.
Being able to deploy group policy would take away the majority of the burden surrounding supporting Windows clients.

You could then take the average default stack of network services and replace them with NethServer and the clients wouldn’t even notice (DNS, DHCP, File and Print, Firewall, VPN, Backup, Proxy, Group policy) and to a large degree email.

I hope this helps :smile:

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I’d like to dig deeper, so Group policy are the real problem, right? But Group policy are really useful only with > 50 users.
Isn’t it?

We have a lot of discussions about it, it’s a hot topic:

Group policy is really useful regardless of the number of users really.

I would use group policy on a 5 user network given the massive range of configuration options it gives you that are all centrally managed and deployed.

NethServer is doing an excellent job of bridging the gab betwen Linux and Windows from a server and network services point of view. When Windows admins read out a long list of things they need a server to do, I can confidently tell them that NethServer will meet their needs, until group policy is mentioned.

For me, group policy is the killer feature that would aid bringing Windows clients to the NethServer party :smile:

enter link description here

@fausp, since you’re a long time SME’s user, you’d know that with NS (that uses templates, fragments and so on, and it’s strongly bound to ldap) it’s not just an installa and configure matter :smile:

of course its not easy…

I am not a developer so won’t pretent to have a clue what’s involved here.

Is the question now ‘does the benefits of this feature set outweigh
the massive development efforts needed to implement it?’

IMHO absolutely not :smile:

Fortunately, I have to contradict @giacomo because at the end of the day we have implemented it on NethServer 7 :slight_smile:

I still have the same opinion :smiley: