Can we deploy NethServer to replace Windows AD?

I know it sounds silly… But I want to reconfirm.
I want to get rid of AD CAL, when I am exploring I came across Zentyal and Nethserver.

I want to manage the following:

  • User Authentication for on premise and remote location office users.
  • Adding Windows, Linux and if possible Mac.
  • Giving access for shared folders.
  • Group policy deployments.
  • Changing wall papers for all user by publishing from server.

Please guide, what kind of limitations we will have if I use Nethserver.

Performance wise I don’t prefer Zentyal
I remember there is feature called Floating IP in Zentyal. Is that kind of future available on Nethserver?

Thanks in advance,

Have a look at this thread here and here. They may have additional information which can help


For the Floating IP in Zentyal, I am not sure if that feature is available.

Group policy and stuff…
Can’t we achieve using RSAT Tools?

The RSAT tools are an option.

Something else to consider - The vast majority of GPO objects are essentially just a group of Registry entries which you are changing. You could have a login script which imports the relevant registry entries for a given user.

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