Rspamd 2.1 Update request

Can you update Rspamd to the New stable release 2.1?
there are Improved neural training and other meaningful changes.
Now in NethServer 7.7.1908 the Rspamd version is 1.9.4

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Stephane is working on it!

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My server runs it but I would be pleased to have also some feedback like yours, FYI neural is not used by our configuration (even if I use it), install first the rspamd repository, see, think to disabled it by default, from time to time we have had some issues, so we release what we consider stable

the home is

yum install --enablerepo=rspamd

please test and review

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some debug command to check if all is good

therefore also with the version 1.9.4 neural is not used ?
learned messages do you work correctly? and The bayesian filter ?

I still have a test environment to try, and I get a few emails … as soon as I can I try, thanks
do you have many mailboxes?
do you use it in production?

I use it on my family server, around 7 mailbox but with some trafic

IIRC neural was not stable, I think it could change, but it does need a lot of ressources

learned messages and The bayesian filter it’s different from the neural fuction?

when I put it into production I would use it for about 200 mailboxes, can it work?
what hardware do you recommend?

It is still experimental

It is another way to classify emails

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Try it first on your testing environment, it does not need much ressource as before…

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# curl > /etc/yum.repos.d/rspamd.repo
# rpm --import
# yum update
# yum install --enablerepo=rspamd

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even if it gave the error the version seems updated … I still have to do –enablerepo=nethserver-testing,rspamd?

It should not execpt if you accepted the broken yum update or you did a yum update with the rspamd repository enabled


it is to install the missing olefy (you need to run ns7. 7)

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after the update I get these errors …

and always after the update, “QuarantineAccount” there are no more quarantine emails, , even if it is enabled in the configuration:
I recive only mail notification to root

@stephdl can you help me?

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yum downgrade nethserver-mail-server nethserver-mail-common nethserver-mail-filters rspamd