Roundcube vacation / autoreply / out of office email plugin, how to find / enable?

This thread was old but helpful:

But I cannot find anything like “vacation” or “autoreply” or “out of office” in /usr/share/roundcubemail/plugins

What am I missing? If I am not simply overlooking functionality already available, how do I enable a vacation message? The one that was offered as a “contrib” to SME Server works really, really well and I was hoping for something similar in Roundcube. I’ve seen discussions of creating a sieve filter but that sounds cumbersome and I know there was a plugin available in the past.

Thanks for your time in reading and replying!

NethServer Version: 7.7
Module: Roundcube 1.1.12


“Vacation” is now built into RoundCube:

Go to Settings -> Filters -> Roundcube

Add in a new filter called Vacation or similiar.
Fill out as needed, see sample (sry in german).

When filter is active, you can go on your vacation!

Thank you for your reply. I see how that works, and that will solve an immediate issue.

Looking ahead, I had found references to plugins that offered sort of a “packaged” vacation setting, very easy for end users and labeled specifically as “vacation”. Are you aware of any such, that are compatible with Roundcube on Nethserver?

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unfortunately not…


Oops, I was not fast enough with the edit, sorry!

Anyway, the procedure you referenced had come up in some Google searches but I was hoping for something simple for end users. Thanks for your assistance!

I’d also have preferred a simpler mthod for users eg. the old SME-Server had such a plug-in for the administrator and users…

Filter is not what people look for when they want to activate an Out of Office…

but this works…

My 2 cents

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So there isn’t an equivalent to the “user vacations” contrib and it has to be done using that Roundcube “out of office” thing. All right, thanks.