Root user email and alias

Hi all, I can not read the messages in the root user’s box.
Looking at the root alias is the same as the admin user, but I do not see any messages.
Am I wrong?
I looked at / etc / postfix / aliases, but it does not exist.
Do you need to create the alias file even if the admin user is defined as root alias on the server?
I hope I was clear .
Thank you all.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Please have a look at


This is the Inbox folder. Incoming mails you can find at the folders cur, new and temp.
Also you can find the folders

  • .Sent
  • .Trash
  • .Drafts
  • .Junk
    and self created folders with the same structure.

The admin user is not the same as the root user, but you can set the admin mail address to the root user.
At the server manager move your cursor to the root user at the upper right corner and click on profile. Here you can set the admin mail-address to get root mails at the admin account.


Thanks I solved! Complicated solutions are often sought when they are simple!

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