How many "admin" accounts do I need

NethServer Version: NS7
Module: vmail

After I set up the system, there was only one. Now:

[root@Nethserver ~]# ls -l /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/
total 0
drwx------ 3 vmail vmail 21 Mar  7 16:49 admin
drwx------ 3 vmail vmail 21 Mar 13 03:27
drwx------ 3 vmail vmail 21 Mar 12 12:45
drwx------ 3 vmail vmail 21 Mar  7 16:49 eddie
drwx------ 3 vmail vmail 21 Mar  7 16:49 plex
drwx------ 3 vmail vmail 21 Mar  2 18:31 root
-rw------- 1 vmail vmail  0 Mar 14 03:41 shared-mailboxes.db
drwx------ 3 vmail vmail 21 Mar  2 18:31 vmail
[root@Nethserver ~]#

I’d already picked up on that where NS6 sent all the administrivia e-mails to admin, NS7 now sends them to root instead. So how many of there do I really need to monitor for messages.


Thanks @EddieA for pointing that out!

Maybe the dovecot configuration does not force lower case letters… How can I reproduce it? Could you write down a procedure?

I didn’t try, but I think that you have to write the FQDN using capital letters.

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The only possible thing I can see in the logs for the entry might have been an attempt to read e-mail on NS for user admin via the POP3 Proxy:

The box contains e-mails from @stephdl’s ddclient.

The admin (no domain) box was the one created at NS install.

Here’s what NS thinks exist:

On a slightly related note. Is there any way to set up a shared e-mail box so that a single remote client can download both root’s and admin’s mails. As noted, NS6 sent everything to admin. NS7 appears to send (most) to root.


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Access the Server Manager, go to the label on the upper right corner of the screen and click on Profile. There you can set an email address where any message is forwarded.

We must document this procedure in the admin manual! /cc @docs_team

I guess I’ll wait until the remainder of this is resolved, so I know which “admin” is the one to set. :grinning:


I’d force it to lower case. Does it work for you?

I think my supplemental question is pushing this off-topic.

The original issue is that the system creates a single mailbox for “admin”. Then other processes, one known (ddclient) and another unknown forced NS to create 2 more mailboxes where (to my mind) those processes should have been using the already created mailbox.


Sorry, that doesn’t appear to work:


[root@Nethserver ~]# ls -l /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/root/Maildir/new
total 72
-rw------- 1 vmail vmail 70407 Apr  5 03:09,S=70407,W=71889
[root@Nethserver ~]#


Well, we’re close here, but still no cigar. :smile:

After a little more time, I think I see the pattern in which of root’s mails are copied (not moved. Although I now know how to fix that part. :grinning:) to the specified, “alternate” address.

e-mails sent to "root at are picked up by this redirection. BUT, ones sent to root at are not.


This is the expected behavior. If you want you must define an alias for it, because root is not an account of domain.

Root comes from the Unix /etc/passwd database, as such it’s mail address is (the traditional) root@$(hostname).

Accounts in your accounts provider DB have as default mail address user@$(hostname -d).