Road to NS 7 RC

NS 7 beta 2 is out (ok, we are still waiting for the press announcement :P), but we are already focused on next steps.

I don’t expect any major bug on NS 7 beta 2, except for the issue regarding user manipulation for Samba 4 from the web interface ( Failed to get machine PTY: No such file or directory ). @davidep is working hard on it: we couldn’t replicate the bug, but Davide is trying to find an alternative implementation to test on systems where the issue is present.

Please stay tuned on Github issue tracker:

While the RC release is on the way, the new major planned feature is the Asterisk/FreePBX module.
@alep, @jobezic, @edoardo_spadoni and @Stll0 are in contact with the Sangoma guys to improve our collaboration and provide a valuable experience for our PBX users! :slight_smile:

As @filippo_carletti already announced, we are in the way to replace Snort with Suricata.
I’d also like very much to create a guide to install a couple of web interfaces:

Both Scirius and Evebox are hard to maintain (and you will need a big machine with at least 4GB of RAM and 2 CPUs), but at least someone could give it a try following a simple howto.

Last but not least, we are trying to add the deep packet inspection to the firewall using NDPI ( ). This feature will allow the administrator to create firewall rules like “only the boss computer can access Facebook” or “nobody can use torrent”.


Good news. It seems it’s now reproducible! :relieved:


I hope you reconsider this because as I see the target audience (small to medium businesses and educational organizations) servers with big muscles are not for those. Please find a lean and mean solution.

On the other hand, are those viewers memory/CPU hungry or is suricata memory/CPU hungry?

Suricata is memory hungry like clamd or snort, no real differences.

Both web interfaces are resource intensive since you need the full ELK stack to make them work.
Of course, you are not forced to install any of those :slight_smile:

Please also consider that such features are useful only on big environments where the admin already have a quite powerful machine!


It is very true, is as strong option for more hardware or more RAM


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Lot of work has been done since the release of beta2:

  • much testing and bug fixing on Samba 4
  • better implementation of traffic shaping with a brand new interface
  • new DPI function (L7 filtering)
  • new time conditions on firewall rules
  • new web interface to restore data from old backups
  • improved full text search for IMAP
  • Snort has been replaced by Suricata

Thanks to you all for the great great job, especially to the @quality_team! :clap:

I promise, this time we are really in absolute feature freeze phase! :smiley:

We would like to push out the first RC release next week. What do you think??


Amazing news!

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