[resolved]Stephdl is down

I agree, that’s the simplest solution but IMO it’s still overkill for this particular use case.
Bear in mind that actually mirrorlist for nethserver is server just from a single host since years :

Often, the mirror lists are on a hosted server with enough bandwidth, but space can be an issue…
So round robin distributes the load for sites with enough space.

my bandwithd nor my space is an issue here

1.5G /…//NethServer/

This is what you need to mirror

Edit I could save by deleting /NethServer/6, about 269M

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However I do not regret the proxmox online and my three hosts, I can move things between them because I am still blocked by my provider soyoustart :expressionless:

No emails :frowning:

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That is a pretty stupid mechanism.
Yum does not make a copy the mirror-list with possible mirrors just in case the main (parent) mirror is down?


Yes, but the cache can expire.
IIRC expire time is set to 6 hours by default.


Interesting: Netflix also uses this system:


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I need to think on this … still blocking by my ISP !!!

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I use a dyndns name for my repo. If the server goes down I just edit the dyndns IP to point to another mirror.
But there’s another single point of failure if the dyndns provider goes down…

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@stephdl Mine too! 1Gbps FTTH connection and 1TB of hard disk.
Like @Andy always says: My 2 cents :slightly_smiling_face:

When I started my repository in 2013-2014 it was a kind of game, however now I have too much people that rely on me… That a big point of failure :smiley:.

Let me solve my issue and think a bit on it


:orange_heart: :green_heart:

That’s why we are community,

If there is a path to “high availability” without disturbing/interfering with the things you do;
let’s find it…


What are the technical requirements of your hosted platform (bandwidth usage, static ip and so forth)?

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I have a Proxmox server with three VMs, it is not really a matter of power nor bandwith, just that I simply cannot watch my server.

I was hicking this weekend, the firewall of the VM was down, I received a first email à 9PM saturday about UDP packet going to IP in the datacenter, the second email was to say my IP is blocked. But I have been wake up by a herd of deer…just a kind of magic moment with the wild.

I was really far from IT, I even not got my laptop with me

I think a mirror arch is needed now.

remi host his repolist in two servers I think


Dns failover this can I think solve my issue

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Salut Stéphane

What i suggested here:


My 2 cents


oui merci, You noticed it to me, not aware, I think you can have some strange beghavior, it works with a timeout of 30 seconds

30 seconds timeout for 90-95% of users is much better than 1.5 days “rien de tout” (Nothing at all)… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

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Sometimes the TV is so boring and you have finished your book

# rsync -rdt rsync://mirror.de-labrusse.fr
NethServer     	RSYNC The Nethserver repository of stephane de Labrusse
mirrorlist     	RSYNC The mirrorlist of the stephane de Labrusse repository
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