[resolved]Stephdl is down

Blocked by my provider :expressionless:

I opened a ticket


Thanks for your informations . In fact my server slowed down a lot in showing me the list of applications and loading updates.

rpm -e --nodeps nethserver-stephdl

you remove my repository, then reinstall it later

yum --disablerepo=stephdl,stephdl-roundcubemail update


it should be good but I needed to move my repository to another host, we need to wait dns propagation. For what I tested it is good.

Still waiting that my provider release my main host… joyeuse saint valentin

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Hi I tried and at the moment it started working again


Ahh that is why I can no longer see anything loading in my application center… I also tried to do a “yum update” because I thought something was wrong and it kept on trying that address over and over. So when a mirror is not responding it could block everything else. Is there a way to put a timeout on mirrors that are not responding to prevent blocking ? Literally my application’s page is not loading anymore. Applications and Software Center actually.

yep this is something I found too… i am fixing it on my side

Cool Stephane! :slight_smile: And thank you! It literally happened right after I downloaded the email server… Bad timing lol.

fixed timeout2 seconds maximum time 5 seconds

How much GB is your repo?

Have a simple vps01.havak.nl serving a tiny development repo with 60+ GB free space.
No clue how to setup an mirror but could (repo)sync your repo if it fits…


Ditto, on both counts.


Patience, everyone!

There’s NO way to speed up DNS, much less on a weekend.
A new Repo entry? Will also need to be replicated within DNS…
Transfer the Registrar? Takes even longer than DNS replication!

Sure it’s a PITA, shows how many use Stephdl’s cool stuff!

But patience, and trust that Steph will give his provider a tough time!

My 2 cents

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I’m not being in the least impatient–these things happen, and I’m not waiting on anything critical (I actually don’t think I’m waiting on anything at all ATM). But I think this shows that a mirror would be a good thing, and if someone can explain how to do it, I’d be happy to host one.

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There are docs how to provide a mirror for NethServer, but not for individual Repos. But it IS a good idea!

And I’d host one to! Depending on space requirements, I could do 1 or 2…

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name=NethServer-$nsrelease - Base

To make it efficient we should have something like this, make a repository list on a host that we are sure that it won’t never fail, because I simply do not know if yum keeps it in cache, if my main host with the list of mirrors does not answer, what it occurs ?

Of course it fails :slight_smile:

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so it doesn’t help. When my server was on a SME Server, I got a rsync server, If I find time I could put one up, like this you can mirror, however it will be the same. I think wget can do the same too

of course if needed my mirror is your…

I suppose a cloud load balancer would be needed, but I don’t know if there are any for free

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As a start a simple dual entry in DNS would be better than nothing… A dual or multile DNS entry results in a round robin…

This was often done, before the advent of automatic multiple mirrors.

My 2 cents