Reply to all includes my email address

Ok, this is probably a simple one but for some reason when replying to all it seems to include my email address as well, so i get an email of the one i am sending.

I am using outlook on Nethserver, Sogo setup and working and using activesync.

Any idea’s



Any info about the arrangement of your mailboxes involved into reply?
Moreover, activesync is not intended as use for Outlook desktop but for “exchange mockup” for mobile devices.

This looks to me to be an Outlook issue and not Sogo/Nethserver. I use a similar setup to yours and my reply all works as intended.

Have you verified the issue on a secondary Outlook client?

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Thats Royceb, yep on multiple outlook clients. essentially i do have alias emails and have setup a staff@ email address which includes all email address’s, i think when the user replies to all then it includes all the email address’s at staff which includes theirs. but cant work out a better way of doing it.

The mail server is doing exactly what you asked for…

I remember there was a similar question awhile ago about sending to group email were the sender was also in one of the group’s we did find a workaround just can’t find the thread ok found it here was the solution Discarding duplicate emails send to groups - #24 by mrmarkuz not sure if it works with reply all (I think it does)

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Thanks Shane, you are a gentlemen, just applied it and its working, cheers for the help



If you could make sure to mark the post that help solved your issues in case others with similar problems search in the future. Thank you and welcome to the community :smiley:


Issue has been resolved, thanks all

Thanks Royceb,

All done, thanks for all the help