Remote Control Anydesk alternative

Hello Everybody ! Hope everyone is well and sane in these days. I try to figure out, if there is a possibility to remote control clients inside a nethserver net. i have a network with a few windows 10 clients where i have to go then and when to support them or do some things. Is there something where someone has an experience with? Wish everyone a great evening !!!


Guacamole could be a “something to start”, but needs to be associated to a local VNC installation.

Another tool could be MeshCentral.

(community posts are for getting in touch, follow the wiki for an installation)

But both tools are far different from AnyDesk or TeamViewer, since the surface to the deep.
With these you can achieve something similar, but it’s not the same “run, credendials, go” that both german softwares provide.




I use a lot of MeshCentral… It’s almost like Anydesk (I know and have used TeamViewer in the past). The major issue is when installing it on Windows you need to have an exception rule for most AntiVirus programs. Once that is settled, MeshCentral is actually stronger than both Anydesk and Teamviewer…

MeshCentral can give you Hardware information like used RAM slots - both commercial variants do not provide this info…

On Mac MeshCentral has the same issue both Anydesk and Teamviewer have: Permissions for Accessing the Desktop. Once settled, this works also very well.

And Linux? Once installed, no issues!

Guacamole is more suited to allow Home Users access to their desktops…

My 2 cents


Thank you guys, will give MeshCentral a check and see how it works for me. Everyone a great Weekend!!!

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I Use Booth for Different Scenarios
Meshcommander over 4 different Networks as a Replacement for VPN and Guacamole as reserve Login for the corresponding networks as a local installation.
Booth works great and can supplement each other.
were Mesh is more interesting if you need a solution for Controlling many Systems in different Networks.
I Use it as a Central Solution to help Notebook Users who are at home with Problems.
Where Guacamole ist a Stationary Solution for one Network and all Clients in this one Network.
For Example to give access to a Terminal Server for Externel Useres where you do not give Hardware away.

Hope that Helped regards


have a look at rustdesk, seems to be gaining some momentum