Remembering our origins GNU/Linux

A closed family photo with the great-grandparents (On the right edge are we)

And the whole family is on wikipedia SVG in Wikipedia Commons

While we prepare our school :wink:


Curious, I ever thought NethServer was a SME Server fork. Looking at that dag it looks like a CentOS fork.

Maybe it’s neither of them!


After spending 20 minutes looking at this graph, I realized that there is no mention of Novell SUSE. (openSUSE, SLES or SLED).

Actually I found SUSE within the Slackware category (strange, I always thought that SUSE was a Redhat derivative – hance the reason for using RPM files.)

Ha. The other Linux distribution I’ve never given up on, is the solid black line for Slackware. Starting with the 1996 copy of Linux Unleashed, with a CD containing Slackware 2.3. Currently running 14.2.

Am I showing my age here. :sunglasses:



Yes, Slackware is unique.
And Suse is not affiliate or a slackware derivative for sure… But is it really? This graph has something strange.
For me, Sure is a RPM bases distro…:grin:

Suse is something between Redhat and Mandrake Linux.
Mandrake was a french taste of RPM Linux distro…
Suse was a German equivalent… Bought by Novel. Suse still a great distro.

I prefer this… a bit different, with the same behaviour

I was wrong…

Suse has really a Slackware origin… The RPM system come after… I’m really surprised.


If the reports that are coming from the main-stream tech press / news agencies are true, this chart will need to have included Microsoft to the Debian derivatives soon!

I doubt Microsoft will be releasing any project with a GNU styled EULA though.

Shouldn’t it belong in the Ubuntu section already: