Release Quarantined Email

Hi Everyone,.

We are using Nethserver as an email gateway that forwards email to our internal Exchange Server. I can’t seem to find where I can release any email from the Rspamd user interface. I can see all the email in the list, but can’t see how to release it in the event of a mistaken email being flagged as spam.



Is this not possible?

In the researching I have done for this issue, I’ve read that the spam is stored on a “Junk” folder on the server. I can see the Junk folder in the Public Mailboxes, but I am unsure of how to access it. Are there any “how to” documents on gaining access to this folder?

We have no users setup on the system just root because we only use the mail as a relay.



Well, when a POSSIBLE spam is moved to junk, then the user can read it in the spam folder, but if the spam has been rejected (score higher than 20) then it has been rejected so the server does not get the email.

We did a beta rpm nethserver-mail-quarantine for your purpose, the server still rejects, but the email is stored inside a specific account, However believe us, these emails cannot be read by a child, when it is rejected it is porn or ads


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Thanks everyone. I’ve connected to the Junk folder via IMAP. One final question where can I get the rpm nethserver-mail-quarantine that stephdl mentioned?

Also, does when I install rpm nethserver-mail-quarantine, will that direct all the spam to the Junk folder?

Many thanks for everyone’s help so far.