Delete public mailbox

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: nethserver mail server

As a test I created from Nethserver UI a public mailbox with name “Junk”. Since there is no use within my environement I want to delete this mailbox. There seems to be no way to delete this public mail folder.

If I use the command ‘doveadm mailbox delete -u vmail -s Junk’ the mail box is deleted just until the next nightly cronjob runs, reactivating this mail box.

Is there any way to permanently delete this public mailbox?

Regards, Guus

The Junk public mailbox is now a default public mailbox so no need to delete it:

The Junk public mailbox is created during the Mail module installation, granting IMAP access to the root user; further permissions can be added from the new Server Manager Email application or with an IMAP/ACL client, like Roundcube.

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