Release plan for ISO 7.3.1611 - update 1

We reached all those goals. I think we can now release an updated ISO with the three new features

  1. Accounts provider configuration
  2. Restore from backup just after installation
  3. Diagnostic tools

For this hand, I’d exclude the Software Center improvements.

What do you think? /cc @dev_team @quality_team


Its a good job! The next release will be quite stable!

I would prefer to wait a few weeks to rebase everything to CentOS 7.4.

What do you think @ambassadors_group?
Should we wait for CentOS 7.4 or release a new ISO?

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I cannot agree for waiting to CentOS 7.4
Achievements listed by @davidep are quite a… “missing feature” or even “concept bug” for 7.3, so IMVHO these things should be integrated into 7.3.

Unless CentOS 7.4 can make a mess about these integration (not really “new features”…)

I would be happy to hear the opinion of all of you

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These are usefull features.
I think waiting for 7.4 can take a few weeks, if it’s released it has to be tested with nethserver modules.
My opinion is to release the ISO now.


Thank you all for your feedback. I agree that releasing it now simplifies the QA process. If we wait 7.4 from upstream we have more things to check simultaneously.

So, the 7.3.1707 ISO is now available for testing! /cc @quality_team (744MB)

sha1 bb6bf8e7734aa72e765962130c12df27a2583f28
md5  725c017627c093fe2615d630678e2c54

My first thought was to wait a bit for 7.4, but as a new user I’d appreciate having those features out of the box sooner than later. And since release dates are unknown (:crystal_ball: Red Hat 7.4 around second week of August?; Centos 7.4 at the beginning of September?; NethServer 7.4 in October/November?) I’d go for it (v7.3.1707).

Moreover, this will give Alessio a new chance to spread the word.

This is official iso or testing release?



Testing release, the official one is 7.3.1611

In my opinion waiting for the CentOS 7.4 is better.
This way you do not do the same thing twice.

And when CentOS 7.4 will be released, you will have to test it anyway.

Well, we always release an ISO when upstream releases one.

However today is different: this 7.3.1707 ISO is based on the upstream 7.3.1611. It is an “intermediate” ISO. Thus we didn’t increase the nethserver-release version. Once installed it is still numbered 7.3.1611, as the upstream one.

This new ISO has updates to NethServer packages only. I think that some improvements (Accounts provider page, diagnostic tools) are important, especially for people that install NethServer for the first time (~1000 downloads per week, according to SF). To be useful they must be available immediately after installation.

I don’t agree. Testing upstream ISO is different from testing NethServer features. When CentOS releases a new ISO, we must

  • read carefully release notes and see what has been changed
  • test for specific changes, but almost test everything

Testing this ISO means:

Test the expected new features are available upon installation, period. New features has been already tested individually during the QA phase, before being released.

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We are using:

  • testing release
  • upstream release
  • intermediate release
  • official release

I think we need to agree on the meaning of the terms used, hopefully choosing just a few of them. People need to know what they’re downloading :slight_smile:


If we replace the current ISO download with this one, I think the only thing to do is editing the hash sums on this page:

Getting started with NethServer – NethServer

All testing and announcements have already been done!

Please see also

the NethServer project releases a new ISO image

when packages bundled in the ISO receive new features that affect the installation procedure and/or the initial system configuration.

Please think of an ISO like an RPM…

Hi Davide,
I don’t really see any difference in what I say and what you said.
In short, I meant exactly what you have written above.

You will have to test everything basically when the new CentOS has been released.
And individual packages have already been tested individually.

Maybe I don’t get the point.

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Ok, to avoid confusion, I don’t change the ISO number. Just added an -u1 suffix (update 1).

So, the complete ISO name is: “NethServer 7.3.1611 Final u1 (Update 1)”

The file name is

nethserver-7.3.1611-u1-x86_64.iso (744MB)

Hash sums

md5 c557345116d09ff6731217ef039e597f
sha1 9b5bc63db961731e303097c5ce1cd50a622ae6de
torrent 567DAF72C07B26930928635696C9E6D687ED9DA2

It is almost equal to the Final ISO released on 2017-01-30. The only difference are the NethServer packages, updated to 2017-07-31.

Download .torrent


Released also on SourceForge:


Updated hash sums and links here:

Getting started with NethServer – NethServer

Distrowatch follows our RSS feed on SF: do you want to write down a press release, too? I don’t think it’s strictly necessary but… just to recap :wink: