RC1 appeals to community

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Dear NethServer community, your involvement in NS8 development is getting higher! Lend your hand for NethServer 8 RC1 testing!

We are next to NethServer 8 RC1 release. Core app updates are already in the Software center! You can preview the release notes at this link:

Release notes — NS8 documentation :warning: Do not run the B2 upgrade in a production environment!

The release notes explain how to upgrade existing Beta 2 installations to RC1. We added many new features that require some manual adjustments to be effective on existing installations, so read them carefully!

If you want to contribute to the development and tests of the Beta 2 upgrade procedures:

  1. install a new cluster and configure a new user domain
  2. go to Settings > Software repositories and enable the Testing switch
  3. go to Software center page and update the core components
  4. run the manual upgrade commands, as explained by the release notes
  5. share feedbacks here!

As we are leaving the Beta and entering the RC stage, next releases are expected to shift focus from development of new features to fixing bugs. Read: no more manual upgrade procedures, hopefully :slight_smile:

:call_me_hand: Recall the upcoming online meeting, to see how to run generic containers on NS8:


Just for reference, this is a picture of Software Center showing available updates for Beta 2 if “Testing” switch is enabled:

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How many RCs are scheduled before release?

I hope one is enough. It depends on the issues we’ll find: once we are confident with some RC it becomes 8.0.

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… I hope that your confidence won’t fail the task. Only one RC is a bold (yet if achieved, astonishing) goal for this new toy.


A good dev team can say:

We’ve got the people to dream this!
We’ve got the ideas to solve this!
We’ve got the brains to code this!
And we’ve got the ba*ls to dare to!



[root@srv1 ~]# systemctl enable --now rclone-webdav.service

Failed to enable unit: Unit file rclone-webdav.service does not exist.

Rocky Linux 9

Did you upgrade?

Software center does not show any updates (reloaded repos)

You can check the installed versions: what does it say?

How to check exactly pls?

Hi @ all,

After the upgrade it looks like this.



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How to get to that specific page Uwe?

Go to Softwarecenter and then klich to the Points right from Reloade repositories. Then you will see the point Core apps


Did you forget to upgrade?

I am trying to, following the post to the letter. It seems that I have to enable testing first!

So yes, upgrade now visible and done. Enabling the testing repo was in the post down the line, and not in the release notes :slight_smile:

I think so… :grinning:

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And now?

Yes, upgrade of the core succeeded. Now I am stuck on displaying the samba config. When clicking the config button (behind the 3 dots in domains an users) nothing is shown.

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