Quick WebTop question

If I install WebTop, does it have its own email server or does it require I also have the email (dovecot?) service running?


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I happen to know an answer to this question;

It requires nethserver-mail which (among other packages) is based on dovecot. If you install netherver-webtop5 it will pull those in for you.


Thanks @mark_nl.

I would like to have a look at WebTop but I’m worried that I could break my current email! I know that installing SOGo can mess with the auto discovery of the server address in iOS. Could I install WebTop safely? Or will everyone say I should install a new Nethserver to try it? I know that may be correct but…

EDIT: I may be thinking or CalDAV and CardDAV rather than email for the auto discovery.

Your worries are correct, both packages, SOGo and Webtop, want to provide auto discovery for CalDAV and CardDAV and only one can rpvide it. iOS seems to be particular picky on the implementation.

So if you want to play save: try it out on a test-installation if you can. Especially removing webtop if you choose not continue using can be hard. This is not specific for webtop however it pulls quite some services in, which you may have to remove manually.

Just my 2ct , grtz mark

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Thanks again, sounds like I really do want a test installation. So I asked for more advice… https://community.nethserver.org/t/advice-running-two-nethservers-on-virtual-machine/15473