Questions regarding Webtop Personal Cloud

Hello @webtop_team,

I’m testing the use of the Webtop Personal Cloud. Recently our staff have requested ways to send large documents/files to vendors for support purposes. Sending a large zip file of log data to a vendor has a limit within Webtop if we add it as an attachment. I’m interested in how the Webtop Cloud works.

  1. Does the Webtop Cloud use nextcloud at all for providing the uploading/downloading of document data?
  2. I think I found the upload limits in Admin > Settings with 500 MB Upload limit Internal and 100 MB Upload limit external. When files are uploaded using the Webtop cloud where are these files stored? Do they take up space on Webtop? What I’d like to confirm is if a user has files saved in Webtop Cloud, does the size of these files get added to that users total mail used on Webtop?
  3. In my Webtop Cloud > My resources > Documents I see two folders called Emails and Uploads. Is this where files that are either shared or uploaded are stored? Is there a way for me as an Admin the ability to check each users documents they have shared for size used. Can the Admin panel show me what each user has stored in their Cloud > Documents?
  4. Does using Webtop Cloud save the documents on our Webtop server taking up space? For example…when providing a document link using Webtop Cloud to a client and we link to a file on our local computer…does this linked file get uploaded to our Webtop or is this link we provide the client a direct link to the file on our C: drive?
  5. How does the Webtop Cloud compare to using Nextcloud shared links? Any comparison of how each works/compare would be appreciated.
  6. For security purposes I would like to have the ability for our owners to receive an email whenever staff use a shared cloud link in Webtop. By default the Webtop user who creates the shared link will receive an email when documents are uploaded or downloaded. I would like to add to this email our owners emails so they are also aware of any shared files. Is this possible now?
  7. What security or encryption is in place when using Webtop Cloud? Is there any security around this shared file location not being able to be hacked? And does Webtop through Nethserver provide any scanning of documents for viruses when clients upload files to our shared link?

Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide me.

Hello @webtop_team or @support_team,

I’m following up on details regarding Webtop Personal Cloud. This looks very useful to me and it’s not something I took notice of until recently so I’m interested in rolling this out to our admin staff to use when sharing documents with clients.

Thank you.

Hi Team,


Should I take no answer to my questions as WebTop Personal Cloud as not being used by anyone?

Thank you.

@support_team @lucag

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Hi Charles … I see that no one in the Community has given you any answers yet.
I’m sure @saitobenkei would have been able to help you :wink:

no, it is independent of Nextcloud but can be connected to it.

Uploaded files are saved on the file system under this path:

The limits you have seen concern the maximum size of the single file being uploaded and do not refer to a quota (see here)
The files uploaded to the cloud do not contribute to increasing the mail quota that is set on the mail server side mailbox.
There is currently no quota management for the WebTop personal cloud.

In the Emails folder are the files uploaded and sent via email via link.
In the Uploads folder there are the files received via link sent by email divided into folders.
See documentation here

There is currently no admin web panel for this need.
You can only log in via impersonate in user profiles to check.

The file is uploaded to the file system in the path I indicated above and takes up disk space

I am not sure which comparison you are referring to :wink:
Starting from the WebTop cloud you can create access links to any file or folder that is shown to you (even if it is connected to Nextcloud). You can also create a QR code if it can be useful.

No, sorry but at the moment there is no automatic notification to other email addresses.
Maybe you can achieve something by creating a special filter on the inbox … give it a try :wink:

No, there is currently no encryption of these files.
WebTop does not offer a virus scan.
This must possibly be managed externally to WebTop on the files that are in the path that I have indicated to you using other tools.

I hope I have provided you with the answers you were looking for to learn more about how the WebTop cloud can help you in your daily work.



unfortunately that part is a mystery to me too :slight_smile:

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Hello Luca,

Thanks very much for your input to my questions. I’m very interested in using Webtop Personal Cloud to help us send and retreive documents with our clients.

I see that Nethserver has an Antivirus app available. Could this be used to scan the location of files uploaded via Personal Cloud link?

Good idea! I will setup mail filters for our staff on their webtop whereby emails received by staff using Webtop Personal Cloud are also copied to the owners.

I’m happy to have found Peronsal Cloud. I will test it out more with staff as I think this will be helpful for us to use.

Thank you.

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Hello Charles,

This module developed and maintained by Stephane can be useful for your purpose :wink: :

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Thanks very much @lucag. I’ve since discovered ClamScan created by Stephane and it’s (as usual) awesome work and a great addition to Nethserver (why isn’t it built into base Nethserver???).

I’ve setup ClamScan now to scan my mail and it’s already proved valuable to me.

You mentioned this comment about connecting Nextcloud to Personal Cloud? How do I do that? I see in Personal Cloud > Cloud Settings for each user an “Email” folder and an “Uploads” folder. Instead of these folders being in the /var/lib/nethserver/webtop/domains/NethServer/com.sonicle.webtop.vfs/mydocuments// location, does Webtop Personal Cloud allow me to save all users Personal Cloud files (Email and Upload) to a Nextcloud location I’ve created?

Thank you.

Ok @lucag,

Here is what I’ve figured out so far:

From my users perspective…in order to be able to use Nextcloud as the location for Sending/Receiving Files to clients as a filedrop location I need to go into Webtop >Cloud > My NextCloud. I navigate into my Nextcloud and find the shared folder I’ve created for this client. I then generate a “Download Link” and an “Upload Link”.
From this view I can now right clieck on the folder and either send a Download Link or an Upload Link via email to our client to use.

Is this how I connect Webtop Personal Cloud to our Nextcloud and allow multiple people in my office to have access to a shared folder on Nextcloud that our clients will use?

While this works I would prefer to be able to use the very useful buttons you’ve provided from within the email. At the top of the email to the right I see two Webtop Personal buttons:

Attach as link to personal cloud
Request upload on personal cloud

Now that I’ve setup this link on my Nextcloud, wouldn’t it be easier for users to be able to choose which personal cloud location they can use when they select one of these buttons from within the email.

And while I have your ear…is there a way to skin the page our clients would see when using Webtop Cloud links with our Webtop Logo which in our case if our company logo? I really like what your team has done with Webtop Personal Cloud but adding our logo when our clients see the webpage we send them would look more professional.

I’m hoping you can show me how to let our users choose or even better default those buttons to links our office has created on our Nextcloud.

Thank you.

Here are more details on Nextcloud integration:

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Thank you @dnutan for this link…but I do not have an issue with setting up or using Webtop Personal cloud or connecting Nextcloud to our Webtop. My question are more related to using the icons from within a new email whereby the Webtop Cloud icons only link to the Webtop Personal Cloud (Email and Upload) folders. I have created in my Webtop > Nextcloud the necessary Upload and Download links and would like an eaiser way for our staff to, from within a new email message, select the Nextcloud (not the Webtop Personal Cloud) links I’ve created.

Thank you.