Questions on subscription stable updates

Hello everyone!
New to nethserver and linux in general so appologies in advance for any obvious questions.

I have installed the subscription module on my production server and registered it for a trial period.
As soon as the subscription becomes active does the server automatically use the stable repository?
Is it recommended to leave the ‘Install updates automatically’ box un-checked and manually install updates from the ‘Updates’ tab in the software centre?
Any tips/advice on how you guys handle updates for a production server would be greatly appretiated.

Many thanks!

Of course, the server has immediate access to stable repositories
We usually leave automatic updates enabled on our production machines, but you are free to choose :wink:

Personally I have updates set to manual. Mostly because I was drilled to patch servers manually… :wink:

If you intend to test updates first, manually deploying updates is the way to go. If you just want an up-to-date server, it probably is better to automatically deploy updates.

It is a trade-off between staying up-to-date and keeping a working server. With each update you have a (small) risk that the update breaks something. With delayed/secure updates this risk is a lot lower.

If you have the option to take a snapshot prior to applying updates, you can safely and easily revert to an earlier stage if an update breaks your server.

In the end it is all about choices and the risk you are allowing yourself to take. (and the trust you have in the NethServer community and devs… :wink: )


Hello to all ! I accidentally updated server to 7.5 1804 beta (latest) release before I got/imported subscription key. What will happen in the next step ? Will it “downgrade” to stable release or it will wait in this form until something new gets in stable repository ?
Thank you in advance and

The upstream CentOS 7.4 was removed from repositories and is no longer updated. I’d stay with 7.5: the final release will be announced soon.

About the beta state, be aware of this #bug that needs a manual fix: NUT for NethServer 7.5

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Hello Davide , thank you for your info !
I’m not using nut since NethServer is VM and proxmox is dealing with UPS … apcupsd:slight_smile:
I will wait for official 7.5

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