Public IP with Local IP Settings in NS7

NethServer Version: 7.7
Module: Networking

I am looking for solution of My Network. I have received 3 public ips and local ip pool from their DHCP from my ISP end and i just wanted to setup NS 7 with one of my public ip on RED interface and Local ip should be on green interface. And i want to access all kind of web urls, cloud, Email gateway etc will be on public ip host and Active Directory for local systems.
But i am here confused and looking for solution for best network design. So please help me out and show me the best path.

Hitesh D

From what you wrote it’s a pretty simple network design.

Put the Nethserver behind your providers router/modem. I’d recommend to set one of your IPs as static IP on red interface. If you have a router in front of your Nethserver you may use port forwarding to forward specific ports (web, mail, …) to the Nethserver or some routers provide a “DMZ host” setting, forwarding all ports to Nethserver.

To be reachable from outside you need a domain (dyndns) domain pointing to your Nethservers public IP.

Naming hints for AD and DNS:

I recommend letsencrypt to have a valid certificate to avoid problems connecting to your server.

The network clients should use the Nethserver as DHCP and DNS server.

router/modem <-> Nethserver (red) - Nethserver (green) <-> clients

Feel free to ask if you need more details.


I understand that you got 3 public IPs, I am not sure I understand that you got (?) a local IP pool.
Your ISP dictates what LAN you will use? Why?

Also I am not sure all your 3 public IPs are useable. It is possible that at least one is their end connection.
You probably need to set your router to have a DMZ port and pass all WAN traffic to that and into your NethServer (if you want it to handle all the routing/firewall etc.).