A list of FREE dynamic dns provider

I would like a topic to share our free dynamic dns provider, with the termination of the dtdns’s service, I was alone and I found that there is not much free services.

I found dynu service, which works well with nethserver-ddclient (actually with the custom provider)

What are yours…remember I would love free services please and compatible with ddclient

dynu service


the dyndns configuration

# ddclient configuration for Dynu
# /etc/ddclient.conf
daemon=60                                                    # Check every 60 seconds.
syslog=yes                                                   # Log update msgs to syslog.
mail=root                                                    # Mail all msgs to root.
mail-failure=root                                            # Mail failed update msgs to root.
pid=/var/run/ddclient.pid                                    # Record PID in file.                                      
use=web, web=checkip.dynu.com/, web-skip='IP Address'        # Get ip from server.
server=api.dynu.com                                          # IP update server.
login=myusername                                             # Your username.
password=YOURPASSWORD                                        # Password or MD5/SHA256 of password.
MYDOMAIN.DYNU.COM                                            # List one or more hostnames one on each line.

Many dyndns providers have free plans, but those are limited. Limited amount of domains or you must renew your subscription every month etc.
Is your example truely free? Can we add “limited” providers like https://noip.com/free to the list too?

Some Free (gratis / free plan) dynamic dns services are:

(*) ddclient compatible
(?) ddclient compatibility unknown
(e) ddclient config example can be found at: List of compatible providers and examples or sample-etc_ddclient.conf

These seem to be not (yet) compatible with ddclient:


Yes noip is not free but limited, each month you must confirm the use of your dynamic dns hostname. It could be boring


I use goip next to dynu.
Both are ddclient compatible but with goip you have to use at least ddclient regularly to keep the account active.

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I’m using free-ddns at free-ddns.com simple, but it works

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