Proxmox = pfsense + NethServer


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Maybe someone will tell me.
I want to have pfsense and NethServer based on Proxmox.
How to set it?
How to set up network cards? (I have two physical enp1s0f0 and enp1s0f1)
I would like it to work like this:
Wlan -> pfsense -> NethServer -> Lan
Can you do it?

Thank you and best regards,

(Dan) #2

Sure, it’s possible (though I prefer to keep my router as a separate device). But this seems like a question better posed to the Proxmox forums, not here.

(Manonthemoon Ak) #3

I do not have such a possibility :slight_smile:
Probably you are right :slight_smile:
I just always find helpful people here.



What pfsense can do that Nethserver gateway cannot?

I ask this besause putting Pfsense and Nethserver on Proxmos, tree systems on one hardware… Perhaps putting Netserver only can simplify a lot!
One system on o e hardware, less sork, less security hole, less update, less manutention…
For more eficiency, more tranquility, simplier.

(Rob Bosch) #5

Proxmox supports Open VSwitch. This makes your network options inside proxmox a lot more flexible
If you have a managed switch, you can isolate the external (pfSense) interface from the rest of your network and make it the first line of defense for your internal network

I have pfSense running as VM in plain KVM on an Ubuntu server. There I VT-d eth0 dedicated to external interface of pfSense. With openVSwicth you can mimic this on proxmox.

More info on OpenVSwitch:

(fpausp) #6

An extra device for the firewall would be more secure…

If you must use a virtual firewall, you just need two NICs (red and green)

This should do the trick, install Proxmox and create a 2nd bridge (vmbr1) and use it as the red interface in pfsense.

Configure all VMs to use the green (vmbr0) IP of pfsense as GW-Address, also Proxmox. You dont need to give vmbr1 (red) an IP, under Proxmox.

Configure pfsense to use the IP-Address of the edge-Router as GW. By the way, there is OPNsense and IPFire as alternativ for pfsense…

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Thank you. Does not this solution make NethServer in the style of FreeNAS, NAS4Free, Open Media Vault? :wink:

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Hope this help :wink:
eth0 and eth1 are physical, eth2 is virtual.