Proxmox Backup Server

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I saw this post from the summer and thought I would add some more context:

For those that use Proxmox and aren’t aware, the Proxmox team has released a backup system to compliment their PVE system. It’s called Proxmox Backup Server (PBS) and I’m finding it invaluable within our office. Using regular backup for my 25+ VM’s used to take many hours a day for backup. So initially I only backed up my most critical servers and did the rest weekly. Now with PBS I can quickly backup all my VM’s in under and hour. The VM’s only transfer changed data so backups are deduplicated. We have two PBS severs (one primary and one syncing from the primary). Next I’ll be dropping into an offsite location a small third PBS server for offsite backup.

If you are running Proxmox I would encourage you to give their Backup offering a try.



Thanks for your report, sounds like a good solution.

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Thanks @greavette :wink:

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I just tested PBS and it runs flawlessly.
I found this sitting where they building a client for CentOS. Have just tested and must say that it seems to work :slight_smile:
GitHub - sg4r/proxmox-backup-client: CentOS 7 Client for Proxmox Backup Server