Proposed meeting using Skype Web Translator

Friends in conversation with other members and @apradoc, can start by trying some tests with Skype web translator to communicate in our language.

what you think @alefattorini?

How about a week from 13 to 17 June?

We would need several members of several languages and verify that the translations are understandable


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Have you tested it before?

Yesterday I was talking to @apradoc but written chat and see if we could translations from Spanish into English or another language. but we really need to try is the verbal translation.

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¡Buona giornata! ¡Bons dias! ¡¡Buenos dias!!

####Good Morning!!

Well, today is 13, and between now and the 17th we have a meeting multilingual via skype chat.

To those who don’t have or use Windows (Thank God, Buddha, Krishna, etc) we can connect using Skype from the browser, as it says my brother @jgjimenezs

I have No idea how many concurrent users supports the Skype chat. Let’s do the test. At least there are about 20 Spanish speaking users and a similar number who speaks Portuguese. Without underestimating all other languages.

Come On @alefattorini! You have to the population census of this tribe.

:tada:We organize this event as a party multinational.:confetti_ball:

A lot of coffee in the morning, I’m sorry.

Hug tribe

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We will begin tests to see how it goes with skype translator, the date is tentative, you can be changed. @alefattorini @apradoc


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