Problems reaching Collabora Office

It is not nextcloud office, rather collabora online

I broken down the collabora online. Now in nextcloud clicking the file is only downloading. Pls tell me what does I did wrong. I only disable the Collabora CODE from the browser in the + APP

This means you are using the Nextcloud internal collabora. That could be the reason for perfomance problems.
I recommend to uninstall “Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server” and enable/install “Nextcloud Office” which is just a connector to the official Collabora server provided in the Software Center of NethServer.

To resetup Collabora after uninstalling the internal one:

signal-event nethserver-collabora-update

If needs to be enabled again. If it’s disabled, Nextcloud falls back to how it would work without Office and provides the download.

Its the collabora online which is enable. See below

The CODE is shown in the menu in + APP but not showing installed see below

But when opening the file, it shows Collabora CODE at the startup.

Yes and it’s the internal wrong app, you need Nextcloud office (search for office on apps page).

Please install/enable this app in Nextcloud, if not already done.

Then you should be able to paste a screenshot like I posted above to check if the settings of the (Nextcloud) Office app are correct.


I found you already posted a screenshot for using the official dedicated server instead of the internal one here. Are the settings still the same?

I’m sorry, the app names changed and it’s really a little confusing.


Is your system up to date?

Not quite well. I don’t want to break the Nextcloud, that’s why I was selective in upgrading.

Updates provide fixes so there may be issues because of an old system.


What do you mean by posting earlier screen shot when the collabora was not working – Problem was with the certificate and the vhost using cli which was fixed. This one is the new

BTW I am unable to find any APP Nextcloud Office in the APP section.

I asked you for a screenshot and just showed you an example.
Usually when you can click save on the settings page and it’s still green, it should be working.

This could be because of old versions. They changed the names…

Updating the Nextcloud. There are 214 updates available. Will update at night. Is it possible to integrate the externally installed Office such as Onlyoffice installed in Synology NAS. P.s NAS is usually without load except Restic Backup.

I assume you are talking about updates in NethServer software center?
It’s always good to have a backup/snapshot before starting big updates.

It should be possible with the Nextcloud Onlyoffice app to connect to an external server.
If it’s about performance, I don’t know if your Synology NAS is enough…even without load.

Ya Proxmox backup is there plus Restic Backup of the NS7

For testing purpose only. Or will use a desktop with onlyoffice/collabora externally in the same network.

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