Problem with Nextcloud after changing the Admin Password

Hi @ all,

after changing of the Admin PW i lost the Field Administration in Nextcloud. It’s not longer possible to get administrative Access in Nextcloud.



A quirk of NS and Nextcloud is that there are 2 “admin”, one is Nethserver’s and the other is Nextcloud’s… each admin needs to have a different password from the other.
Your picture shows the Nethserver admin.

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Hi @ Fasttech,

the two Admins have different Passwords.

Your pic looks like the Nethserver admin, ‘admin(admin)’.
The Nextcloud admin should be just ‘admin’.

It would be good having one!

I think it is possible, by granting special privileges to the “admin@domain” or “domain admins@domain” group.

Disabling the built-in admin account would prevent confusing them! /cc @alep

@transocean I forgot to write, from the nethserver users and groups, try changing the admin password to something else you know isn’t the nextcloud admin password and then try your known nextcloud admin password or the default nextcloud admin password, Nethesis,1234 beyond that we’ll have to try changing the nextcloud admin password from the nextcloud config using nextcloud commands from the cli.

Hi@fasttech and all the other,

thank you for helping. Now it works fine.



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Or naming them differently as I proposed time ago: admin_nc and admin

My thought, that may not be correct… We have a default admin in NethServer and I believe NextCloud has a default admin, so we would have to rename our own admin unless we want to muck with the Nextcloud install because the NC admin isn’t available to edit in the NS user and groups.