Problem with ActiveSync in Android-based phones


NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final)
Module: SOGo

We have recently migrated from MS Exchange to Nethserver with SOGo.
We imported contacts from MS Exchange to SOGo works fine. However, in Android-based mobile devices many of the contacts are not visible using ActiveSync, that problem happens both using default mail client and BlueMail. About the last one, we have noted that when one modifies a contact on SOGo it’s then visible on BlueMail. I took a look to the sogo database and I don’t found any different on contacts that are visible.
Please could you help me?

Thanks in advance!

AFAIK SOGo doesn’t support ActiveSync. SOGo by the way is quite good in CalDAV/CardDAV.
If you want to use ActiveSync, you should give a try to WebTop 5.


SOGo provides EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) support, but not EWS (Exchange Web Service). Outlook 2013, 2016 for Windows works well with EAS. Mainstream mobile devices (iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10) work well with EAS, they can sync mails, calendars, contacts, tasks.

LongStoryShort: for 7.3 the claim is not sticking the truth?

My concerns about WebTop5 is the maturity, could you convince me of migrate from SOGO to WT5? :grinning:

I posted facts not opinions…

Hi Alfred,

let’s start from the beginning, please note the SOGo module is from the Nethfrog repository Which means is a community effort to provide it, hence the tip from @giacomo to have a look at webtop.

Until now i did notice problems with android and mail due to dovecots INBOX structure but not SOGo and android calendar EDIT: nor contacts.

Can you give us some info about your setup? ie account provider; number of devices syncing, logs form SOGo and so on


I copied the SOGo documentation from the wiki to the manual, but honestly I totally forgot this part :open_mouth:
Thank you for pointing it out, I was totally wrong!

No :smiley: I personally don’t use any groupware, I’m still stick to my Thunderbird :grin:

By the way, I still prefer CalDav and CardDav over ActiveSync protocol :wink:


A big like only for this sentence!

Current version of Nethserver, as @mark_nl told you, carries SOGo on an external repository called NethForge, a sort of “backport/adaptation” of the community version of Inverse software.

Now the default Groupware of NethServer is WT5 (and my opinion on that is quite unuseful in this topic).
I am doing some tests on it, therefore i’m not totally sure on what it’s working and what’s not. The sentences of @giacomo did not matched the documentation, therefore i asked.

Yeah, but end users use ActiveSync :frowning:

I’m also encountering issues with ActiveSync and recurring appointments. Some are copied over, others are not even considdered for import. No clue what the difference is yet.

I also havent been able to pinpoint the source. We use Nine, BlueMail and Outlook 2013, and get mixed results, where every client has their own issues :confused:

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Could be useful an “experience topic” for collecting infos?

Necessary data:

  • used groupware
  • hardware (of the mobile device)
  • Android version
  • rom version
  • app used (and related setup)

I am testing VMWare Boxer as client (Unfortunately K9 Mail do not support Oauth 2.0 :frowning: ) but Calendar rely on OS settings (even for account)

Heya pike,

Yes, an experience topic would probably be useful, but I do not see how android version (if at all) is usefull, and/or why rom version or hardware used would even have an impact.

For useful data we would need to know the device OS and the client used, and recognize it could be Win10 or Win7 with desktop Outlook 20013 and up as well as Android or iOS or even cloud-based interfaces like Google.

On the server side the used groupware as well as its exact config would be required. Including but not limited to the used authentication back-end, and how the user-account-fields are populated (eg: mail field)

Given that scope it almost requires a dedicated team with different configs who test identical scenario’s in a meticulous way, While I am open to that idea, I am already overpromissing on guides … so do not see how to make it happen myself.

Maybe we could create a test-procedure, and ask people to fill out the relevant fields. otoh, that seems like a lot of work to discover that different clients just implement the same protocol in a different way, and all are equally valid, and thus there is no easy fix for this issue.

I really turn mad with Sogo :wink: i have no idea what and why it is and how to fix it. Everything works well on Webgui, Outlook 2013, IOS 11.3. But the activesync and here ONLY the Contacts are not synching with the Android Device. In Sogo.log i did not find any Info. I had this now a few times and still hate it, lol :smiley:

the only what i get in the sogo log is:
pid 23694 has been hanging in the same request for 3 minutes

If i do a new Contact on the Android device it synch normal and wrote it to sogo.

Heya @hucky,

That is a message that you should be expecting to see a lot. ActiveSync connections are being kept open for long periods of time.

Did you apply any tuning to the sogo.conf ?

Try unsetting SOGoMaximumSyncWindowSize (outcomment it for instance) and test if that helps. If so, create a custom template for the sogo.conf.

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i have figured out, if i open a contact, change something and save it, the synch works normaly.

Hi there,

I’m facing the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S8. Contacts are not synced to the mobile whilst contacts in the mobile are synced to the server. In sogo.log I get this message when the server tries to push a changed contact to my phone:

2018-04-14 13:17:08.641 sogod[2940:2940] ERROR(-[NGLdapSearchResultEnumerator nextObject]): does not support result references yet …

Can this error message be related to the problem?


not sure it is related

How many contacts do you have to sync please, I’m experimenting some different client on android, the default one doesn’t sync more than 500 contacts, the nine clients works well, also boxer (free app)

(This is why I continue to push for a CalDAV and CardDAV servers adoption in Webtop :slight_smile: )

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I think it should be in the roadmap for this year. Am I right @lucag?