Problem editing files with Onlyoffice

Hello, i have a serious problem with my onlyoffice. I can’t edit word files with onlyoffice when I install my nethserver on one of the machines in the desktop to play the server role, but when I install nethserver on a virtual machine, onlyoffice function correctly. what can be the problem please help me. I attach to my message the image of the error.Thank you

From your screenshot It seems you have no valid certificate on your “desktop” Nethserver. I recommend using letsencrypt.

To disable cert validation or troubleshoot onlyoffice you may have a look at the wiki:

Hello, sir I can’t install a letsencrypt certificate, how do I proceed? because I always get error messages. i don’t know how to resolve these error messages from the beginning to the end. please help me. Here’s the error capture

Despite all the installation requested at the link, I still encounter the same problem. What should I do now? Thank you for your help.

There’s an error when starting httpd.

Please execute

systemctl status httpd -l

to get more error details.

Hello, I’ve done the server again, and I was able to install the second network card thanks again, to everyone…
But still the same problem with onlyoffice, I asked for a new certicat let’s Encrypt but this is the message that got me on the image. Please help me.thank you


You need to open port 80 to the world and has to be a public domain name pointing to your Nethservers public IP.

From the manual:

The server must be reachable from outside at port 80. Make sure your port 80 is open to the public Internet (you can check with sites like [2]);
The domains that you want the certificate for must be public domain names associated to server own public IP. Make sure you have public DNS name pointing to your server (you can check with sites like [3]).


How do I open port 80? or what level of the server should I place myself to open port 80?

I read the documentation you told me, I realized that my domain name is not public, but my port 80 in it is open. I don’t have a public DNS.

But I would like to know, there will be no other solution that will allow me to edit my documents on Onlyoffice without having to look for a let’s Encrypt certificate? Because I do it perfectly on my virtual machine and yet I have the same unsecured site exclamation point on the browser.

Please have a look here:

Or you use a free dynamic dns provider to get a domain.

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