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Would just like to say hi I am looking at putting a server together for my small engineering business and I have a few questions for the neth community. I have an unraid server as a homeserver but I don’t think it quite meets the needs I have so I have started looking around I have previously tried ClearOS, SME and Zentyal and all have good point and all have bad points but Neth seems to sit in the middle so I just want to ask a few questions first

Does Neth Server have the ability to do pooled storage with parity or is it software raid only?
I see there is a docker module that I can install does this just use the standard docker hub for images or is there a maintained app store which has dockers that have been tweaked?


Hello Andrew

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I myself was a longtime SME-Server user, but due to issues with upgrading and hardly any development any more, moved on to NethServer.
ClearOS and Zental are more geared to $$$ interactions, less open source in my opinion.

NethServer can do RAID1, and RAID5 (SoftRaid).

Most here would suggest not to do a bare metal installation (In 2020, virtualization is king!), but use a Class I Hypervisor like Proxmox, VMWare, Xen or even Hyper-V.
This let’s the Hypervisor take care of RAID, but also Snapshots, Backup etc. Good peace of mind in case you installed something which didn’t work out, outages, defects or even Update issues! A quick Rollback, and you’re up and running again.

Personally, I use Proxmox to support my 25-30 clients using NethServer. It’s as free as NethServer, and has a lot of features like Linux Containers, Any OS Live Backup, Fast Migration, Cluster and more. Proxmox also supports out of the Box ZFS - easy to set up even as boot system!

The Docker Module is, AFAIK more for Devs or People who know what the want and can handle Docker. There is no Docker App-Store (yet) with polished Apps. Something like an App store may be coming up, there are quite a few plans / discussions going on, what NethServer 8 will bring!

NethServer comes with a very vibrant and supportive Forum, one of the best in Open Source I’ve found!

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions here!

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We have something here to play with

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There are some NethServer modules that use docker, like discourse or pihole.

You may also have a look at the community modules that are listed in our wiki.

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On my home server, I use mergerfs to pool 24TB of disks into a single view. And snapraid to provide a form of parity protection for that array.

And yes, at one point in my past I also used unraid.