NethServer Docker 1.0.1 released

NethServer Docker 1.0.1

I’m very happy to announce the new release of NethServer Docker.
Big thanks to @stephdl who made this release possible.

Please test and share your feedback…

New Features

  • Open firewall ports for the Aqua host network with a db prop
  • Virtual bridged network named Aeria
  • Specific logfile /var/log/docker/docker.log
  • Enabled docker-ce repo for getting updates


Get the docker-ce repo:

wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/docker-ce.repo

NethServer 7.8

yum install nethserver-docker

NethServer 7.7

yum install



In this example Pihole uses the Aeria bridged network getting IP from local DHCP whereas Discourse app
uses the Aqua host network.


Well done Markus! :clap:

Did you list it under /etc/nethserver/eorepo.conf?

@stephdl did it.

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Great work guys! Great community :blue_heart:


Just deployed this on 7.8 and it’s up and running. The Portainer web interface did not want to start after the install instructions for me but the documentation fixed me figure it out:

config setprop portainer status enabled
signal-event nethserver-docker-update

@Andy_Wismer do you use Portainer for docker management or is that all handled via ProxMox?




So far I hardly had much use for Docker, besides my Home Assistant (HassIO) setup on Raspberry.
I was planning on spinning up a Debian LXC on Proxmox and installing Portainer there as a Lab environment.

This means I could also use a second NethServer, joined to the first NethServer AD, fo
run Docker stuff…

If the weather’s not too great, I may spin up a test today… :slight_smile:


The excellent new is that now we have a platform to run applications and create modules like dicourse.

We decided to start/enable docker after the rpm installation and indeed to make portainer optional.

What we miss

Docker available in the software center
Read the doc official documentation

The aeria network looks pretty good…run a docker container like a VM on your network

Kudos to @mrmarkuz, he did a lot


yess tnx @mrmarkuz @stephdl great work! :raised_hands: :vulcan_salute:

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I’m using it for some days and I can’t believe it took so much time before we finally have a so easy to use feature. That works incredibly well. Hail to @mrmarkuz and @stephdl !!

I also tested the dhcp-net and only faced one caveat : impossible to make a DHCP reservation probably because the mac address changes all each startup.

Next step would probably be developing a Cockpit module to configure things like a dedicated volume (looks really needed for production) ?

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Kudos and respect for the great jobs. But a big question raise me.
Will be Docker supported also in 8.0?

With integrated podman support might seem a duplicate to me. With virtualization one way or another you can build/migrate a VM to another kind/level of virtualizer. But i don’t think that with containers the migration is such viable.


Thanks for testing!

For this case you need to set a MAC address for the container like --mac-address=0e:6f:47:f7:26:1a. This way it should not change at startup.

I found a lot of install tutorials for docker-ce in CentOS 8.
Centos 8 seems to ship no own version of docker anymore but we are using docker-ce anyway.

Docker containers are compatible to podman so if docker breaks we still can go to podman…


Please, tell me if i’m wrong…
I can create a container into Docker, run it and make it work. Therefore i can copy it to a Podman server and it will run without any modification? (I am implying that the system and network stuff on the podman setup should be adapted, of course)

I did not do much with podman yet but people seem to just replace it by alias:

Podman is not a full replacement for docker, not sure it works well for production at least if you want more than pop up a container for testing code , podman is still in development with bugs, podman has no documentation nor community to help for finding examples and help.

Well for now I resigned and yes redhat will drop docker in centos8 but you can install from an external repository

In any case, thanks for you effort @stephdl



Because I need it


Necessity is the trigger of talent and commitment. But in Italian sounds a bit better…
La necessità è la madre dell’ingegno


Two PR waiting reviews


Both PR look good to me.

Documentation covers all important cases and has no spelling errors.

Comps seems correct, is there a way to test it?

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Comps is a rpm, it should be built locally I suppose

Read the doc can be built also locally

Read, after you can build with make html

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