Pop3 connector feature

Will there be pop3 connector, i didn’t find it.


in discussion, for now I am on imapsync


Thanj you for the info

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question, does your provider can offer you an imap access or it is only pop3 to retrieve your emails ?

Yes, he provides also imap, but i had a bad experience, it didn’t get all mails from subfolders.

Then imapsync is the key

We are thinking to use imapsync like getmail, either to sync all folders or also to sync only inBox what getmail does

Could you review getmail vs imapsync if you find caveats against imapsync ?


(to save from opening a new topic)
I am eagerly waiting for NS8 to implement connectors (POP3/POP3S/IMAP/IMAPS - with the latter 2 more important). It is a go/no-go for me.
I hope it is still planned.

I read here about imapsync, is there anywhere (or someone here explain) in more detail exactly what I need to do to implement same functionality as I have in NS7 with my IMAP connectors (to cpanel and gmail mostly)?

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In NS7 only the imapsync task is workable, you start the tasks manually however we use systemd so a systemd timer could be implemented I think easily. With NS8 we plan to make a cron also to start the task regularly.

I also need a POP3 connector.
I want to use NS8 as an internal mail server.

Not sure if you reply to me, but I don’t understand what you are saying (I mean in relation with what I am asking).
AFAIK imapsync syncs two IMAP accounts. i.e. both have the same email in the end.
Am I wrong?

My current NS7 connector pulls my cpanel mail and it doesn’t remain on my cpanel server (and this is what I want).

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Can you tell me where to find the imapsync? Or must i install first ? THX stephdl

For what I know…
With a pop3 connector you can only pull inbox folder from another account/server.

IMAPSync can pull (and push!) messages not only from inbox but also from other folders, allowing a local email server synced with a public one.
For migration path, is a far more flexible tool, with the only limit of using IMAP protocol only, not POP3. In 2023 would not have a email service (buyed or created) without IMAP support.

And yes, needs a bit more configuration time and effort than a Pop3 connector.

By working with custom templates and setting the pop3 connector for it to download as imap (there’s a choice in cockipit), you can download from multiple folders in the remote box and have them all arrive in the “inbox” of the mailbox.
I configured it to a client to also download emails that ended up in the “SPAM” folder in the remote box.

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The custom template model which is not adopted in NS8?

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Obviously :smiley:

I have a lot of customization done via template-custom…
I’m going to have to reinvent everything! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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This i want too.


I do not want a synchronisation.
The public server has much less storage capacity.
So I do not want the emails to stay on the public server.
Is this possible?


this what I have in mind, work in progress


It would be better when we all test the things on NS8, and kindly ask for features or point out some errors. They can not do all the things for us, and we are waiting only for the end product.
Test and than pont your views.

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As mentioned, imapsync can pull/push messages from IMAP accounts, sync them, etc. It can sync inbox (or any folder) to any IMAP destination (main folder, sub-folder…), it has some filters that can be used, for instance, to free up space by deleting old messages, or as a poor-man’s backup (copy/duplicate an IMAP account, although for mail archiving purposes there is mailpiler), etc.

Its configuration can be complex (that’s a feature and a drawback at the same time).

It can “handle” Gmail with its one all-messages folder and the “virtual folders” tags, although to have into account that the tags can change if user switches UI language.

If no imap access, and want to avoid full-blown mail tools, the same imapsync manual mentions other tools like pop2imap.

Imapsync is not suitable for maintaining a synchronization between two active imap accounts while the user is working on both sides.

That could be the simpler approach. Otherwise -for a fine-grained control-, a complex UI could require listing detected IMAP folders (current ones and notify about future new folders) to choose what to sync, where to sync it, when (schedule), which filters to apply…

Gilles (imapsync dev) has also shared a simple UI with a CGI script for anyone willing to implement the same service he offers online (but without the support and expertise he has on the topic).

If using NethServer 7 and the uses described in the manual fill your needs: Email — NethServer 7 Final
Otherwise you can install it on your linux distribution repos and manually configure it to your needs. For more information on installing it: Official imapsync migration tool ( release 2.261 )

Yes. Sync from public server to local server with an option to delete from public server the messages that have been synced already. But at the moment you have to read imapsync documentation (or search online for examples) and do your own testing (using a --dry run for testing without screwing things up).

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