Please vote/comment. Do you want a community wiki for NS8 and/or NethSecurity?

H ail,

There has been a briefl discussed about updating the community wiki with NS8 and NetSecurity community input.

I feel simple and constructive pages including real world experiences is key for passing on knowledge.

We have the fourms, but going through a zillion threads to understand a solution. A simple doc system like our wiki would be to the benefit to many I guess, just like for NS7

However, it takes time and effort. Question is, is it worth it, and who is going to adjust the wiki arch and maintain it?

Any thoughts please?



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So. Dokuwiki or wiki on discourse forum?

wiki content maintained by users.
If on discourse, the platform is already mantained by admins (Alessio) and hosting company.

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Yep, but it is all about accurate and valuable content. And it clearly shows I struggle.

I can rename our HowTo category into Wiki and create a Post on top of everything like a home page for our wiki.

So we can link everything from there.

We can also use sub-categories to organize docs

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Hello world

I like wiki, because it is a open editable documentation, yes for sure at wikipedia it is an open cold war, but here in our community it just went well, so I see no problem to continue with our dokuwiki

For now I push to netforge but we need documentation, actually I try to document to the readme of github but it is so developer’s way and too much centralized, moreover, people needs to create a PR (to the readme or to the official documentation) to modify/enhance the documentation, so not so open minded

I think we should continue like we did as is, we got documentation for NS6, then NS7 and now NS8 and NSec8

the forum is here to get support, chat is here to publish information not serious (at least it is my POV) and the wiki is the documentation of the community modules

I need time but I need to start to migrate the documentation to wiki, I think pihole could be the start

for the name or to differentiate old module, we could start with the name ns8-moduleName in the dokuwiki and with the tag ns8


Hi All

I also push for DokuWiki - besides the fact it is slim and will continue to work even if Discourse itself has issues!

I like DokuWiki and use it for myself, also a lot of my clients use DokuWiki.

A backup server is almost as easy as running a rsync job…
Any user can basically recreate a local copy of Dokuwiki, not so easy with Discourse…

Is yesterday enough? :slight_smile:
(Typical Manager / “Suit” responce!)

My 2 cents

I agree.
However IMO the status of the project is so “green” and “ongoing” that any workaround, howto, KB-alike page on wiki might be obsolete in a breath of an update.
A lot of issues are raised while the community tests the product for Nethesis, but is the community responsible to deploy articles on the wiki?
Also: will anyone take care/responsability of the wiki article he/she wrote when NS8 and NethSec8 will make this obsolete?

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Well I think we need to separate two usages

official module/product:

a change inside these manual is a long discussion and will result with compromises

something easy to write documentation for the community

May I rephrase your statement?

and I agree with that.
I’d love to point out…

  • official module/product wiki should be written and validated by the people involved with the project (boolean AND) for gaining… official statement of correctness and respondance to the software of the wiki text
  • “nethforge” module/projects should be at least validated from the “module/container” mantainer
  • community content should be “community only”

On nethforge and official module community might propose corrections and implementations. Something that on documentation has been proposed several times but… not 100% was receipt and translated in better text for official documentation.

Lack of validation from the project’s people… no official wiki.

So let’s keep it simple:

  • Dokuwiki
  • Discourse
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Lets Maintain DOcumentations as Dokumentations,

Lets Maintain Wiki as wiki

Lets Maintain HowTos as howTos.

If we would like to Implement all HowTos in NS8 forums into Doumentation Format howto, let it be so, its still FIne.

As for official Documentations in Docs, let them Remain as is. IF someone needs to suggest improvements, the How-to will do that, and over time can be ported to documentation.

Equally, for App Developers like Myself, I think, if we Maintain Writing our Apps Documentations as wiki, then once Validated and Put onto Nethforge and the Likes, We could then Have them moved to the official Documentation, then so be it, Makes things Much easier.

Please vote or leave your comments/suggestions. Thanks.

Just a few things about that:

  • As you have explained, a wiki is nice and well organized. But it’s not easy to maintain unless someone takes responsibility and it’s a bit tricky for new people that need another account and be familiar with it
  • A post on discourse is the easiest to create/modify. From my experience for new people is the best starting point. Probably it is not the best way to have something well-structured

If we make a decision we should be ready to accept the consequences

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Yes :+1:

Dokuwiki isn’t my favorite wiki, but it or something like it is considerably better than topics here at documenting things.

Obviously wiki traffic is slow and the wiki is hard to find for there is no direct viable lik on the community page any longer. Why it was removed is unclear to me. So statistics on the current wiki usage is not representative at all.

So to start things going we obviously need an easy accessible wiki. @alefattorini Can we ‘sacrifice’ the “Leaderboard” link in favor or “Community Wiki” link please? I think easy access to information is much more valuable then a leaderboard link.

Please let us know.

cc: @stephdl @mrmarkuz


I removed the wiki because there are just pages about NS7 and it could be confusing for new people
I can restore it once we put there NS8 pages and structure

I think that first, we need to make the wiki usable for people who are using version 8, then I can restore the link

Looks like alot of organising will need to be done to accomodate NS8 in the Wiki

I can see also SSO login options were removed form the wiki, login with github, etc.

Could these be restored pls?

We Need Doucunted Things and areas of Imporvements on the Old Wiki Site, to Accomodate NS7 as Well as N8.

Could we Have somewhere Documented,
WHat needs to be changed, where
What needs to Be Added and Where

Across the entire WIki, so that its a community effort.


WIki Homepage Needs to Move Things Around, and Add NS8 content

Side Menu needs to BE re-organized or renamed(without changing page url) to accomodate ns8 Info
MOst of the Links link to NS7 docs

Bug Report Page, Needs to Remain Main Page.
New NS7 Page needs to be created, and current content Moved there.
New NS8 page needs to be created.

User Guides PAge, Can Remain as Main Page.
2 New Pages for NS7 User Guides, and NS8 User guides need to be created.

COntent /Links from current User Guide needs to be moved to NS7 User Guides.
The Underlying Data links remain the same.

Translation page can remain the same, Content for Translation NS8 need to be added, or Correct Links to where the NS8 information is needs to be Added

Not Sure How Developer Page can be Handled.
We could Move NS8 Developer Docs to Wiki. retain the Current github pages, for reference only, but all new developer Docs are added to Wiki.

Modules Page can remain,
We can Create a New Apps Page, and List All Links to All Developed and Available Apps
Accross All Available Repo, Accounts etc.

The Developers Of the Apps can be responsible to Add Information/Guides About the Apps they have created.
All Published Apps in NS8, can then be added to Documentation(Not sure who shoudl take this Responsibility)

This is what i mean for Howto.
We can Implement the Wiki Feature in community, and use it for Howto;s
We could then Migrate All the Current Howto in community to those Wiki Based Howto,

Currently Our HowTos are scatterd all over the place, some in wiki, Some in communiyt, SOme in github etc

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Thanks for the input and exactly my point. Next to this, it is community documentation, and we can go as we go.

Most important is the main structure with namespaces and tags, which are pretty easy. The rest of the menu’s are simply pointers to pages.

-Welcome page with explenantion and direction to: NS7, NS8 and NethSec wwiki main subpages (namespace)

  • From each namespace astructure can be uphold as per suggestions above or changed on the fly for again, they are just pointers and tags.


Namespace > HowTo
Namespace > Modules
Namespace > Apps
Namespace > Best practises
Namespace > Best practises > Useful Commands
Namespace > Development
Namespace > Development > Translations
Namespace > Development > Modules
Namespace > Development > Modules >Bug reporting
Namespace > Development > Apps
Namespace > Development > Apps >Bug reporting
Namespace > User Guides

Since Dokuwiki is (luckily) flat file based, organising Namespaces on both existing and new content is a matter of creating/moving subdirectories. I briefy discussed a test data set with @stephdl , and he suggested we first get some input from the community before do some testing on test datasets OFF-line.

Food for thought.

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