How to manage old NethServer wiki?

I gave this some thought and have my doubts on effectiveness and necessity on a wiki for NS8 and Nethsecurity.

  1. Discourse has a built in wiki
  2. Only a 4 or 5 real edits were made during 2023 on the existing dokuwiki for NS7
  3. The target audience is solving documenting and documenting issues via Discourse
  4. The NS8 documentation is good and is improving
  5. NS8 is more point and click through software Center and accompanying documentation
  6. Very few Dokuwiki editors and the first choice of documentation tool is Discourse
  7. Things change, people change.

So is it worthwhile to change the architecture of the existing Dokuwiki to accomodate NS7, NS8 and NethSecurity? It would take a lot of effort…

What do you (the reader think?)

Thanks for your thoughts
I would create a wiki here in Discourse for the part that we miss on Documentation.
So we keep it easy, no new user, quick to edit and find. If we realize that is not enough we would create a new wiki instance or change the existing one. What do you thing?

We have already a lot of pages here Howto and we can split and improve that category.

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example wiki

Latest Wiki topics - OSMC Forums

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Interesting, should we change the name “Howto” into something more general?
Containing FAQs, Howtos, User Guides. Merging what’s into the wiki now and the howto section

We can name it Wiki or Guides or whatever

I wouldn’t use the name Docs or Documentation or manual because we have already the official one.

@stephdl @dnutan @Andy_Wismer @michelandre

I’d vote for User Guides… :slight_smile:


My vote too

it makes more sense actually to be User Guides

will you be taking what’s in here into this

No, as @LayLow already said, it’s more useful don’t trying to recover old 7 stuff.
So I would just create new wiki pages directly here


Consideration, we should be carefull not to create a too long a category / topics tree. Not all of them are immediately visable. Also the distinction between NS7 and NS8 should be very clear. So the “User Guides” section is that for NS7 too, NS8 alone or NethSecurity included?

Next to that, I thing user guides shold be completely free from discussions, discussions about a app/guide should be in a separate category with a referral to the always updated, latest, greatest user guide (Wiki page) which is being updated from discussions and and free from remarks (topic closed after initial creating the guide (wiki post), and only the wiki post can be edited?

Maybe we are trying too much products, topics and wishes into 1 tool? Or de we need to carefully re-design the structure Discourse to accommodate the current products (NS7/NS8/NS), guides and categories and topics.

Food for thought


We can rename howto → User Guide

Tagging correctly we can distinguish ns8 from ns7

I don’t see any clue to having discussions included. Take a look at our Howto discussions need to improve the guide, why eliminate them?
Or we can set something like that

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You’re right… but

  • we can’t eliminate ns7 stuff, people will need them for a while
  • we can’t create a new community/wiki for nsec. It would be overkill for a such newborn project

I think over time ns8 a nsec8 would take over the old ns7 stuff

this does look nifty

Yep but it’s their official documentation. Maybe I can look for a theme that implements that view