Permit to select language during the first installation

Have a multi-languages ISO it’s not easy as for I know, but we may permit to select it during the first installation wizard. Is it doable? /cc @giacomo, @davidep

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AFAIK this is possible for NethServer 6.8, but cannot promise it on 7, too: it’s too early!

BTW, I think we should remove Italian and keep only English. I’m thinking about localized log messages, that are a pain for trobleshooting!


I agree! If you need localized install, you can use standard CentOS process :wink:


it should be discouraged and english only OS should be installed…

as Davide said, a localized OS gives error messages in the logs in the language you choose, and diagnosing is definitely a PITA

web gui must be in as many languages we can, OS in english only (knowing english is mandatory, but google can help, always)

as usual, my 2c

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Hi tribe. Really

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I think it is right to promote the previous installation of CentOS for multilingual options.

From there we can also play other flavors Nethserver based solutions. For example a server with minimum desktop :dizzy_face: or greater accessibility :sunglasses: ( these are just examples )

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