Password strenght check

I’m trying nethserver just for testing purpose, and i like to disable the password strenght check at all.

I try with

config setprop passwordstrength Users none
config setprop passwordstrength PassExpires no
signal-event password-policy-update

but I must always use 7 characters at least.

Any suggest?

Thank you

Passwords are the most important factor of security, they should be hard to guess for a machine and this means they have to be long.
NethServer follows CentOS default, I think it can be modified with instructions found on the internet.

Let us know if you find something, I’ll try to have a look at this tomorrow.

use ‘1234567’ if it is so hard to remember…ok i’m kidding

the correct url is password [Stephdl Repository]


Thank you :grin: I’m too lazy!

But I cannot modify minimum length

put strength at none and use simple passwords (even aaaaaaa will work)

don’t, DON’T use simple and short password, neither in test environment

I’m planning to include @stephdl module in the next few days ( ).

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