Nethserver-password is released

Continuing the discussion from Password strenght check:

Thanks to @stephdl effort we have integrate this module into the core
It’s implemented a new Server Manager page where the admin can tweak

  • password complexity
  • policy password expiration policy

Also add per-user checkbox to set a non-expiring password.

To have this new module just execute:

yum update @nethserver-iso
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it needs 3 ste[fano|ve|phen] to make a good work (many of us here will understand this) :smiley:
@stephdl: impressive job guy :wink:


# rpm -q --changelog neth-privacy-0.3-09nh | tail -6
* mar mar 21 2006 Federico Simoncelli <>

- [0.2-03]
- Aggiunto lo switch per obey pam restrictions nel database di

You’re right, my bad :slight_smile:

Inviato da Samsung Mobile

@giacomo has done some work in the module to display a checkbox if you decrease the security level and some localization, thank to him…and many thank for your acknowledgment @zamboni

What I do is free, but never free of personal involvement.

Awsome job ! many thanks

Hello Alessio,

This module is integrated into the core of NethServer 6.7 Beta1, but not yet in NethServer 6.6 (final), neither in Software center -> Updates for NethServer 6.6 (final).

I saw that when you install this module with yum update @nethserver-iso , the mirrors are different than Software center -> Updates (NethServer 6.6 (final)).