Password reset failing

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: base

Users get the page for /user-settings/ and enter their credentials, but the page result says:
The same password works for other resources, and they’re [users] putting in their AD creds. The /var/log/http/ssl_access_log returns a 401 on them.

I’m at a loss on things to check. I’ve verified that their source network is part of trusted networks, and even tried changing the SSH access to add “Normal users” to ssh/sftp access. The same user-settings page works fine on AD creds for me and the other domain admin.

Hi Grey,

Did you import the users after installation of AD ?
AD created domain admin in its installation, so that is why yours work.



Hi Grey

Test if elevating a user to Domain Admin (temporarily) allows them to change their password.
This could be a permissions issue…

My 2 cents

Did this and no success.

No, the AD was already stood up when Neth was installed. We just want Neth to be able to reset users’ passwords via the new feature.


As Andre asked: did you import the users, or were they created on NrthServer?
You were faster…

What happens if you create a new user (for testing)? Can that user change their password?


No? You have to import them? Did I miss an important section in the documentation?


Well, what you mentionned above implies that the AD was there before NethServer, so it can’t be part of the NethServer installation…

Something BIG is missing here… ( scratch, scratch… ) :slight_smile:

Maybe a word of explanation HOW that AD got together with NethServer, which makes it’s AD during install (post install with Account Provider, actually) would help us ignorants understand your situation a bit better.
And with understanding - help isn’t too far away!


My AD Enterprise had a couple DCs on Server 2016. These were up and running as healthy AD servers before installing Neth, which is joined to the domain through the Users & Groups as a remote AD. It was very straightforward.

Now, the main (primary) AD is NethServer or still the Windows 2016?


Understanding is dawning…

With AD users as you have from MS, they are missing AFAIK a few fields in LDAP/AD that MS doesn’t use normally, like the shell field (bash, csh, etc). NethServer uses these, and also set’s stuff…

That’s one of your “Gotchas”, there are more…

MS created users also tend to have a dot in the username ( firstname.lastname ), wheras in NethServer a dot in the username is - AFAIK - not legit.

My 2 cents

Do the usernames of the users not working contain special characters?

I have no problem using my user. It only contains special characters in name. Not in username as it is set as ertan

I am not sure if that was what you wanted to know though.

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I just mentioned your thread as an example.

They do contain a dot in the username. We use a full name with a dot.
Would the older password reset tool work to get around that?

It was just an idea. Could it be because of some char in the passwords?

To use the old server manager for changing password:



I tried it now and dots in usernames are no issue with remote AD to Nethserver. I am going to test with Win Server 2016…


I can confirm the issue.
It seems not possible to login to cockpit/user-settings with remote AD users from Windows Server 2016. It shows “Wrong user name or password”.
It’s the same in old server manager. It shows “Invalid credentials”.
As regards apps, Nextcloud is working, Roundcube is not.

AFAIK self service password works with Windows Server 2016 DC.


Sorry I edited my post. The part after EDIT is important.
Here is the explanation of using old server manager for password change.
It was not possible for users to login to neither old or new server manager in my tests with Win Server 2016.

Are the apps logins (roundcube, nextcloud) working in your environment?

You may use SSP as a workaround until we fix this issue.