PacketFence on NethServer

In conversation with a customer, I request a hotspot service. and we’ll see how it goes with PacketFence.

Soon the HowTo



Cool but there are lot of hard work, on db and web ui :wink:

don’t focus yourself on GUI

just think about fragments and templates… we don’t need everything to be in the GUI (ok, I know, it would be preferable)… we need a way to integrate packages

so, identify the relevant conf file, create templates/fragments and think about events involved

all of those files can be packaged into a nethserver-packetfence rpm

I suggest to all of you to read carefully the dev’s documentation


That’s right,

But I’m working on the installation within nethserver and its configuration for the customer.

Thank You @zamboni

that’s fine

obviously you don’t need templates/fragments now…
once you’ve got it working with its own conf files, just rethink them in the NS’ way… think about NS’ variables (stored into dbs) that could be used to fill the conf file (all lan/wan parameters, I guess)

many of the nethserver-X packages come from this approach

good luck and let us know

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Ready installation within NethServer! :smile:

I’ll be preparing for installation howto.


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That’s good! Can you describe some use cases?
How do you use it?

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My client has a sales company Furniture and Electronics, and want a wireless system for the exclusive use of its suppliers.

PacketFence brings hotspot function, and why I’m doing tests on my NethServer to implement in my clients.

Having prepared the whole scenario will start with the howto


well PacketFence does many, many interesting things… I think that hotspot feature is maybe the less interesting :smile:

anyway, well done… interested in a howto

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Very True!

Detection of Abnormal Network Activities
Proactive Vulnerability Scans
Isolation of Problematic Devices

For now I will do my client function makes the hotspot, and then how to integrate other services PacketFence in the company.

@zamboni :thumbsup:


that are things I most interested in :wink:


Any update on this? It seems interesting

Unfortunately the evidence was with a customer and electricity problems will harm the additional network card. I will be doing tests on my firewall. to finish and I will be informing them document everything.


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I am creating a Git repository for manual installation and for viewing.

All on the fly

installing PacketFence

Creating Repository on GitHub

Importing manually from GitHub to readthedocs


looking forward your howto in GH I cannot see much updates, did you stop your search ?

When began testing in 2015, it needed the right computer to make it work, but the client left pause the project.

Already this year I could do in my NethServer. but I PacketFence using the repo me updated many packages NethServer and generates conflicts among some packages NethServer.

For that reason it should be done outside nethServer.


this lead to use coovachilli if we want a wifi hotspot…other thoughts ?

@jobezic can help here.

I just had a look at the PacketFence documentation and if PacketFence can be made to be an easy install with NethServer, then I already have a potential location where that combination can be installed and actively used (assuming there is sign-off on the project which is still in the investigation stage).

I can always put together a testbed VM sometime to do testing as and when I have time if it is of any use?

James sounds very good! Thanks for your time
Plese go on and keep us in touch