Our first 1000 members

In 2 weeks we are going to hit 1000 members registered here (around 25 newcomers every week). How can we celebrate? Any idea?
How can we award him or her ? Special badge? Special mention?


I can share with you a list of data about our thriving community like this, our amazing trend of active users (users who have made 1 post at least)


I’d like to see 1000 :heart: Likes under this thread!


Or better, 1000 replies! :smiley:


Amazing!!! Lets go eat pizza :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza:

1000 members in about 14 months… let’s see if the next 1000 can come over and be active in less than that time.


I’m curious to know the difference between the 1000 anounced users and the 949 users shown by Discourse.
Why ?

We haven’t hit 1000 yet, as I said, in two weeks :smiley:

This news will be a milestone in the history of this Software.

First of all prepare a badge to the user 1000

Edited: Discourse says

A 1000’Badge for all us :sunglasses:


###Our 1000 member is here!
His name is Mike Gonzales @Goonz

He told me this introducing himself:

I live in the Oklahoma, USA and I am an avid user of Linux. CentOS is one of my favorite distros for server use. In my last job I was an Internet Network Systems Administrator for 7 yrs and used Linux in just about all of our services, including our internal VOIP system was using CentOS. Currently I work for a big government contractor as a programmer and a maintainer of isolated secure Linux systems running RedHat Linux. I was very impressed with Nethserver as my home proxy/secure server. I’ve tried others but Nethserver was easy to set up and it keeps my big family in check. I will definitely recommend Nethserver. Thank you for this distro!

I’m a bit late, we’re already at 1042 :slight_smile:


It is not the best design of badge, but it is ours, for you

Congratulation @Goonz