OpenVPN RoadWarrior access to LAN trouble

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: VPN RoadWarrior

Hi all,
I’m having trouble with using RoadWarrior to access my LAN. I can successfully connect to the VPN host but the only thing I can cannot ping devices in the LAN. I have Nethserver acting as the gateway for my private network.

My setup includes:
Internet -> Router( -> HomeNetwork -> (
-> [LAN( + VPN(]

Example of issue:
I use RoadWarrior to receive IP of From here I can ping (gateway?) but not any other devices like or
Is what I want possible? What steps should I take to configure this? My understanding of what I’m doing is close to nonexistent so any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Routing Table:

Hi, welcome to Nethserver Community,

I think you need a static route for your VPN network on your router pointing to the Nethserver (

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Wow, it works now, that was the easiest fix. Thank ya very much! My bad for not figuring it out myself. I think I tried this with the wrong IPs earlier or something…

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You’re welcome.

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