OPENVPN problem- users not found

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009 on RaspberryPI


I wanted to start to use the Roadwarrior VPN. I configured everything like described, but for any user I made a roadwarrior entry I am getting the following error in the logfile. I used the option type “system-user”. The users are existing and can access e.g. their email without prioblems:

Account not present in vpn db
Sat Mar 4 14:36:09 2023 WARNING: Failed running command (–auth-user-pass-verify): external program exited with error status: 1
Sat Mar 4 14:36:09 2023 TLS Auth Error: Auth Username/Password verification failed for peer

Do I need to register the users in some separate VPN USER file or so? I did not read that …

So, what is wrong and should be corrected - I am lost here, with other server distros e.g. ZENTYAL it did work without problems …


Hi @jzick

Here it mostly works out of the box. Usually the ost issues come from people mixing their own installs (No fw adaption!)

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well, unfortunately nothing like that. It was/is running a clean install on the RaspberryPI and all other stuff is running perfect - except the VPN-tunnel …

Do you have an account provider?

If you’re on the cloud / VPS, you may need this…[]=dummy

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I have a local AD configured …as I said, I am running NETHSERVER on a RaspberryPI …
More or less I followed

What Auth Mode are you using.

From memory, the user/password options can’t be used with system users. Although it was a verrrrrrrry long time ago when I set up my Roadwarrior configuration



it is exactly that what I enabled, as it is offered from the VPN manager…So, then I should use VPN only and create different system users?


Hello eveybody,

after digging deaper in I found my error caused by misinterpreting ‘user’.
In my openvpn clients I really just used the user aka joe.smith, but it appeared that the user in the clients must be the full email adress, aka joe.smth@sub.dom.tld …

What a stupid misunderstanding :-)))

Now, all my roadwarriors can connect without problems…

Anyway, thanks to everybody for the help…

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