OpenVPN and VLAN


I have a nethserver behind my router, and I have forwarded the correct ports and I am able to connect to the VPN server.

But I have a problem connecting to the internet afterwards when I am on the VPN connection.

The network OpenVPN is using is a VLAN.

The port in the swich is tagged to the VLAN and I am able to connect from my laptop when I manually set the ip address and use the right VLAN. So I think that the problem is local at the nethserver which is a virtual machine hosted on proxmox.

I tried to follow the the guide with shore wall in this post but without any luck.

I hope someone can point me in the right direction.



NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: OpenVPN

Hi Jan,

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Sorry for the late answer. Did you create a static route for the VPN network to the Nethserver on your router?

Hi Markus

Thanks for the answer but I am not sure that I need it.
Because if I just connect my laptop to VLAN a ethernet-cable with these settings then it is working.

I can now browse the internet and ping

If I log into the nethserver and try to configure something similar I get these network settings.

I can now ping the router, and browse the internet from the server. I do not know which interface it is using but it seems to work.

If I then connect to OpenVPN I get these settings on my laptop.

These seems wrong. My laptop gets from OpenVPN but I do not know where comes from.

I can ping the server and the router but I cannot access the internet.

You may have to configure the VLAN in the proxmox VM, see Network Configuration - Proxmox VE