Openchange and Outlook MAPI Exchange compatibility

Is Openchange enabled/supported in Nethserver?
If not, there is any plan/roadmap to support it?

I’m not a nethserver developer so i speak for myself, but openchange is far from to be ready for a production environment, so imap is the way imho

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Hi @gmaoret have you already seen this topic?

Openchange is not directly supported/enabled by/in NethServer but you can install SOGO Groupware in beta to test the Openchange side.

Keep in mind @AbsyntH words.

openchange is not activesync @sitz :wink:

Nope, i have to contradict you, my friend :wink:
Unfortunately there isn’t a support for Opencange/OulookMAPI on the NethServer SOGo implementation, you can use it with

  • IMAP + commercial plugin as cfos or outlookdav for calendars/contacts
  • ActiveSync only for Oulook 2013

Openchange support is not on the card at the moment

Sorry @gmaoret @AbsyntH @alefattorini
My mistake.

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No worries, you have to pay a few beers To us :wink:

That’s OK, then I’m going to do many mistakes in the future :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:


I have here an example found whether the well with the nethserver works?Sogo Outlook Native PDF