NS8 - Third-Party Repositories?

Is there a list of additional Third-Party Repositories?

No list as fair as I know.

Apart from subscription and the official app repositories:

# Default repository:

# Default "Emergency" repository (in case the default one above isn't working):

…there are some third-party apps repositories like:

# ----------------------
# 3rd-party Repositories
# ----------------------
# Nethforge repository:

# MrMarkuz repository (by @mrmarkuz) | WIP:
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mrmarkuz/ns8-mrmarkuz/repomd/ns8/updates/ # Emergency

# Genius Forge (by @oneitonitram) | WIP:

Don’t know if @stephdl has its own repo or pushes directly to nethforge once done.
@mrmarkuz is working on some modules (maybe also its own repository or push to nethforge), if time allows him.


Cool, thank you!

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I created a repo for testing but I’d like to push good tested packages to Nethforge.

At the moment Guacamole and Zabbix are provided.

The modules are working but still WIP.

Zabbix misses the images from @Andy_Wismer and Guacamole still misses LDAP.
I’ll have more time for NethServer starting from April so stay tuned!


Wonderful news

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…does not work.
Is there a new link?

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Hello @capote, it seems to be working fine from your end, might you be having DNS issues on your connection?

I can confirm that the repo wasn’t reachable, now it works again.


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The website is only shown without path like

The link you used is needed to add the repository to Software Center but it’s not browseable.

@pike the repo itself is listed on GenForge modules index for NS8 | ns8-genforge (genius.ke)

but used from

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me too

Ps.: its only possible now to add the repo. The modules are nor provided.

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could you try refresh the repositories on the nethserver interface

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I did it before too.
But now it works.
Thank you, Martin

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i hope to be available from Friday to work on Adding the other apps not yet on the repository as well, there is a lot of them, most of which have been tested already, and also hopefully work on implementing Ldap and SSO for those that support it and have not been implemented.


for those github nerds in here, i am curious, is it possible to automatically populate the list of Apps on a given repo on the forge page based on the logo and metadata description of the same?

something looking like this