NS8-Stirling-PDF Module

I HAve been working ON Alot of PDF documents recently, And part of it was What inspired the Paperlesss NGX Module here: NS8-Paperless NGX Module - Feature - NethServer Community

Paperless IS nice and a Wonderful PDF consumption tool, but it has its limitations. Part of the works was Also collaboration, And my team And I had to use PDF tools, It became clear that we needed a Better tool for PDF tool. than the Desktop PDF instalaltions w had. Enter Stirling-PDF


Stirling PDF is Your locally hosted one-stop-shop for all your PDF needs.

It is a robust, locally hosted, web-based PDF manipulation platform powered by Docker
This One tool HAs it all in terms of PDF Document Manipulation

And to Sweeten the Deal for Developers in the Hosue, it also features an API

The Module
Now that you know what it is and what it can do, i am happy to Announce that you can install it on your Nethserver 8 as a Module. the Github Repo is here

Installing the Module

  • SSH into your server

  • change to root user if not already. by running: su root

  • install the module by running the following command below:

add-module ghcr.io/compgeniuses/stirlingpdf:1.0.0-beta1

Updating the Module

api-cli run update-module --data '{"module_url":"ghcr.io/compgeniuses/stirlingpdf:latest","instances":["stirlingpdf"],"force":true}'

The Above Command Will pull and install the Module on your Nethserver instance

After Installation
you should find it in your installed software repos, Available on the hamburger button on the top right of you Nethserver instance

Open it, to Launch the configuration

input your configurations, and Hit save, to STart the Module.

the hostname is required for the module to start, enter your desired hotname.

if all goes well, you should Have running Services as Shown Above
Access your Instance through the given hostname URL

PS, there is a communication with the paperless team on a possible collaboration for integration, WHo knows…

i am happy for responses from your test cases, thank you


Congrats on another module! Nice work.

Could you elaborate (non techie) on the step by step (non techie) installation procedure please?


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HEllo @LayLow I have modified the instalaltion instructions Above here: NS8-Stirling-PDF Module

I hope the install instructions are non techie enough


Ok, thanks. That is different than the installation via Software Center, or can the repo be added? And how about updates?


I HAve added the Update instruction as well, btu you can run this command if you need to update to a latest version of the moudule

api-cli run update-module --data '{"module_url":"ghcr.io/compgeniuses/stirlingpdf:latest","instances":["stirlingpdf1"],"force":true}'

you can change the latest tag with the version that would have been release, or maintain latest ot always pull the latest and greatest

With regards to Installation from the software Center, this will be possible once the module has been submitted and approved on the Nethforge repo

Your tests and feedback will enable me to work on issues that arise on the module before it can be published

What can I say, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Congrats!

  • During the install command, the screen is silent and with no progress indication
  • Stirling settings are saved in the bowser, but no cookie consent (EU)
  • How to slightly modify GUI to remove some elements like gothic logo etc etc
  • Advanced section in settings is empty
  • Author in about section is not filled out correctly yet
  • App log shows no issues during installation


it is actually possible to implement a custom Logo with the module, as well as the name i thing

Stirling PDF allows easy customization of the app. Includes things like

  • Custom application name
  • Custom slogans, icons, images, and even custom HTML (via file overrides)

for the Names, I need to Pass these Parameter:

#  appName: exampleAppName # Application's visible name
#  homeDescription: I am a description # Short description or tagline shown on homepage.
#  appNameNavbar: navbarName # Name displayed on the navigation bar
-e UI_APP_NAME=Stirling PDF \
-e UI_HOME_DESCRIPTION=Your locally hosted one-stop-shop for all your PDF needs. \

For the Logo, icon and custom HTML override, Haven’t quite figured it yet.

Found this file with those parameters hashed out…


Maybe make them configurable?

Luxury wishes :wink:

Unless we build Our Own Custom Docker File, and Implement Those features to be Injected During Build not sure how that would work really, But the much we can do is the names.

I have submitted a PR into the Nethforge repo: Added Stiling-PDF by compgeniuses · Pull Request #7 · NethServer/ns8-nethforge (github.com)

To make it easier to install and Update, though the Update from Nethforge are usually delayed i think for good measure.